Arianna Brooks just moved opposite the hottest boy in town. Or should I say, the hottest player in town. That's right, you got it. Justin Drew Bieber. Who will win in the game of the player?

**This is only a short movella**


6. King's Dance

Arianna's POV:

I'm so happy to have Dance next. Hopefully, Justin doesn't have that. He's been in all my periods so far and to be honest, I'm getting sick of the sight of him and all them thirsty hoes.

"Is it true you made out with Justin Bieber?" A girl with long, wavy brown hair asked me. Her friends were behind her but obviously she had the most courage. One of her friends had long, curly brown hair with blonde highlights whilst the others was chocolate brown with pink dip-dye.

"Uh, it was to make that slutty girl jealous." I smiled, looking around for Alice.

"I'm Gracie." The girl smiled and put her hand out.

"Arianna. But if you're just going to befriend me because I made out with Justin, that's not going to happen."

"No! You punched Savannah in the face!" The pink dip dye girl, butted in.

"I did, what?" I asked, looking down at the girl. My heels made me taller, yayay.

"You punched Savannah in the face?" Gracie said, uncertainly.

"No I didn't."

"That's what Savannah's been telling everyone." Gracie shrugged and the two other girls nodded.

"Well, if she wants one she can come and get one but until then-" their eyes became wide. "Why are your eyes so-" I felt arms wrap around my waist. "I understand."

"Hey baby," Justin purred into my ear.

"I'm not your baby."

"Who are you friends, baby?" Justin put emphasis on 'baby'.

"I'm Gracie," Grace smiled nervously. "This is Rylie and Kelsie." The two waved.

"Can I talk Ari from you, for a bit?" Justin asked sweetly. They all nodded. I shook my head.

"Don't let me go." I pouted but they must have thought it was a joke because they all laughed. We reached an empty classroom. "What do you want, Bieber."


"Too, fudging bad." I walked towards the door and left. I didn't want to get caught up in another make out session. Not that it would happen. But I know what he's like.

I didn't bother eating anything and instead just went looking for the dance studio. I found it quickly. The dance teacher smiled at me and told me to change into something more dancey. Luckily, I had my dance stuff already in my bag because I was hoping to look for a dance studio somewhere around Stratford. I got changed into grey sweats and a tank top. I left my hair to stay free. The dance studio was empty so I pressed play on the iPod letting anything come on.

I felt a presence behind me as I began to dance. I knew who it was. I wasn't in the mood to argue just to dance. The chorus hit and Justin pushed me against the wall, he lifted my arms up and I stepped away. He came for me again and I span. Next thing I knew, I was up in the air as he lifted me up and span me. My legs, naturally went around me.

"That was, sensational!" The dance teacher said and clapped once. Justin dropped me and I gasped. The whole class was behind her. They begun wolf-whistling. I felt myself go red. Justin turned to me.

"Don't be so embarrassed babe. You shouldn't be. With all that grinding, I'm the only one embarrassed." He winked at me and it gasped, realising what he meant. The dance teacher walked in with the class. I instinctively grabbed Justin and pushed him behind me, so I could try and cover. I felt his arms go around my waist. "I hope you know, this isn't going to help my problem," he purred in my ear, then rested his head on my shoulder as I tried to rid the embarrassment. But that's when I felt it.

"Oh my god," a whisper is all I could get out.

"Ignore it, it'll-"

"No it won't," I stuttered, in reply.

"Not if you're nervous around me, baby."

I tried to ignore him. I watched the dance teachers lips move but I could only focus on Justin's lips moving, on my neck.

"Welcome to Dance. If you could all sit down, that would be lovely," the teacher said, happily. Everyone sat down. I let Justin sit first and I leant against his chest. His arms were still around me. I could feel even myself getting turned on but I wasn't allowing anything to happen, I'm a Christian. I can't do that stuff until I'm married.

"We'll be studying, Nutcracker! by Matthew Bourne and Still Life at the Penguin Café by David Bintley. We will watch both of the DVDs first but as it is starting I want you each to collect a folder and some dividers and plastic wallets. Go!" The teacher turned around to put the discs in and I leant over to grab a folder and the rest.

"You know, putting your ass in my face, doesn't help anything," Justin said loudly, getting gasps. Girls giggled and whispered to each other.

"Well, if you're so okay with everyone knowing, get your own folder." I rolled my eyes.

"Baby, I'm joking."

"I'm not your baby."

"Be my baby."


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