Arianna Brooks just moved opposite the hottest boy in town. Or should I say, the hottest player in town. That's right, you got it. Justin Drew Bieber. Who will win in the game of the player?

**This is only a short movella**


9. King's Anger

Arianna's POV:

"Me and Shaylee are getting married!" Jeremy said. My mouth fell open.

"What?!" Justin yelled, standing up. I looked up at him. "What about mom?" Justin continued. I bit my lip and looked at my mum who turned pale.

"Justin. Your mom wouldn't want me to be alone forever. She'd be happier here. If Shaylee was here looking after me. You can't expect me to be alone forever!" Jeremy's voice began to raise. I closed my eyes thinking about something else. I hated arguing. As much as I did it myself, loud voices scared me. I wasn't sure why. But I had a proper fear of them.

"It's not even that." Justin replied. He looked down at me. I could feel him looking at me. I slowly opened my eyes and looked up at him. He looked at his Dad before walking away. I felt instantly hurt. I'd never really felt this way before.

"I can't believe you!" I yelled.

"Anna, don't raise your voice." My Mum shouted back at me.

"I hate you all!" I ran after Justin. I opened the front door and he was just going into his door. "Justin, wait!" I called to him. He turned around. I ran towards him and fell into his arms. He held me tight.

"Come on Ari, we're leaving."

"Where are we going?" I tilted my head in confusion.

"Anywhere but here, come on, we'll be fine princess."

For some reason, I believed him.


Short chapter, ik

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