Arianna Brooks just moved opposite the hottest boy in town. Or should I say, the hottest player in town. That's right, you got it. Justin Drew Bieber. Who will win in the game of the player?

**This is only a short movella**


2. Hello Stratford

Arianna's POV:

I watched the scenery buzz by my window. I sighed as Beyoncé gave off her biggest yell as she sung the lyrics of Crazy In Love. My earphones were probably going to burst but I didn't care.

I was being dragged to Canada with my Mum and sister because she was so eager to move in with her new boyfriend and his son. Her boyfriend had flown down a few times to England. Alice had met him. But I hadn't. I didn't want to. I'm not very good with people and I'm definitely not good with Mum's new boyfriends. I scare them off. Apparently.

I like to think of it as they know they're not good enough for my Mum and I just remind them of that so they scatter off. Whoever stays is just a bonus but hopefully, this ones a keeper because I really can't deal with the added stress. If he's not, well we'll find out. I have a few tricks up my sleeves.

"No tricks, no tests, please Anna," I heard my Mum sigh over my music somehow. Probably because oi mo

Kkomiimm got all calm. I nodded my head. But inside, she wasn't expecting what I had planned. OioI'm t


Mood oilmanok ink

He had a kid, this boyfriendkk. So hopefully, he'll be on my side and not fudge this up for me. I know Alice will flirt until tomorrow but I don't care. She can do what she likes. I just hope I'm out of here faster than I can click my fingers.

Ok, bad example. I can't click my fingers.

Nevertheless, I want to be back with my Dad. Pronto. If this relationship is going to work then I don't want to be involved. My Dad has his own family sure, but I came first. Including the girlfriend, I came before her too. Therefore, rights. But I may stick around here for a few years, get a job, save for a house. Who knows? I may even begin to like Canada.

I doubt it though.

We pulled up on a dead end. I looked at both of the houses that opposed each other.

"We're in the wrong place," I sighed. My Mum looked back and scowled at me.

"Actually, we're in the right place," she said. I took my ear buds out for clarification and she nodded her head signalling i had heard her right.

"Oh damn," I smiled. "This should be fun." I let my earphones let loose so they were against my chest. English people have this cool way of making out earphones hang. It's pretty simple, but we're English. Something simple to us is like getting through America without spotting a McDonalds or going to Starbucks and not spotting your typical, wannabe 'white' girl. Damn, I hate that stereotype. I can tell, it's going to bug me here too.

I got out of the car and said my thanks to the driver. I'm not as horrible as you would think. I'm actually pretty sweet. I just have my cover. My wall, but don't we all? Mine is just more bitchy.

I noticed a figure at the window on the second floor and it noticed me as it shut the curtains in somewhat anger.

"Shaylee? Is that you? My darling Shaylee?" A mans voice called.

I think I just threw up in my mouth.

My Mum looked pretty happy though, so I wasn't going to outright vomit. I wish I could though. Wipe their smug lovey dovey faces off their faces. Damn, that was odd.

"Why, yes, of course, it is I." My mum replied, well I think it was my mum.

What is this, Romeo & Juliet?

They both burst into laughter. I rolled my eyes. No they're just both idiots. In the nicest way possible. *Insert nice smile here*.

I walked around to the front of the car and leaned against it. A boy about my age with scruffy hair pushed himself past his father to inspect the newbies. I did the same. Inspecting him. He had black, saggy pants on. I made a face. With that, a white shirt and golden chains. Supras on his feet. What? I know a good shoe.

"Hey girls, this is Justin. You probably won't see a lot of each other. Justin lives in the opposite house," the man smiled, pointing towards the replica house on the other side.

"Don't you two ever get confused on which house is yours because hi, they're exactly the same. And how comes this kid gets a house and I'm clogged out with brat over there?" I said, throwing the question directly to my Mum. I looked back at the boy and he smirked.

"The kid has a name," he seemed to be the only one giving me an answer.

"Great!" I clapped. "I don't care." I grabbed my suitcase that had magically appeared next to me.

For all you mystical believer folk. My Mum probably put it there, who knows, maybe I'm a witch. I opened the gate, dragging my suitcase.

"Where am I sleeping?" I asked, the kid smiled at me and ushered me to follow him. "Is it cool I go with him, or do you need to give me the 'talk' because I'm going into somewhere I don't know with a hot boy?" I looked around, for a response. Got nothing and walked straight in.

"You think I'm hot," he said, when we were both in the hall.

"Yes, you are certainly not ugly and definitely way better looking that cute. Also, you're hot. Don't get up yourself, where's my bed because my sleep is needed and hasn't been used since yesterday." The boy nodded and smirked at me. He walked up the stairs and I transformed my suitcase into a bag (she's a witch!) and followed him.

"You're here, you're not with your sister. Don't worry," he smirked again.

"My biggest worry is that the wind might change direction and you may get stuck with a creepy smirk on your face for life. Even though, I doubt it'd make much difference." I opened the door and held back my gasp in awe. I put the carry case down on my like 400ft bed and sat on it. Acting pleased.

"Comfortable. It'll do." I looked up at the boy and he chuckled.

"I'm Justin," he said.

"No smirk? Well, I'm Arianna. My Mum calls me Anna. I don't know why, maybe she likes it." I replied, pretending not to be interested when in reality, his hair was fabulously perfect and I just wanted to run my fingers through it. He smiled again and nodded his head.

"I'll leave you to unpack," he replied, then left, shutting the door. That was awkward as heck but hey, I have a comfy bed. I fell back onto it, relaxing. I closed my eyes for two seconds before I got attacked by a shadow.

"I knew you liked the bed," a smug voice, flew at me. I opened my eyes.

"Kill a girl why don't you," I replied, merely recovering. Justin laughed.

"It's pretty comfortable, this used to be my room before I left." Justin said, falling back onto the bed with me.

"Why did you move?" I asked, turning my head to look at him.

"A king deserves his own castle." He smiled, not taking his glance away from the ceiling.

King? Ha. I think not.

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