The story of how Draco lost his cat to harry potter.


2. So on with the actaul story

   Draco was so sad. Death Eaters suck, and he just found out. He looked up and saw a cat. The cat was staring creepily at him. He felt drawn to the cat, however he forced himself to look down. When Draco looked back up, HARRY POTTER WAS STANDING THERE BEFORE HIM!!!

  ''WTF POTTER! WHAT ARE YOU DOING! WHY ARE YOU STARING AT ME!'' Draco yelled. "I'm your new stalker.'' ''WTF?'' ''Your father hired me to stalk you ever since I defeated Voldemort.'' ''Why?'' ''He said you needed someone to follow you. Plus I needed the money ever since you robbed me last year.'' ''I didn't rob you, Pansy did.'' ''THE B****!!!!!"" ''She's by the fountain over there.'' '' Some b****** are gonna die tonight.'' Harry strutted over to Pansy where Draco heard a satisfying crack, even from his safe distance away.

   The cat Draco saw came over to him and Draco took him home. ''Come on kitty, you're coming with me.''

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