The story of how Draco lost his cat to harry potter.


6. Guess who's back,back again,Kitty's back, tell a....Pansy?

Author's Note: Sorry we haven't updated in a while, we were out of commission. D:

I was walking along with Kitty when I found a another kitten was following Kitty." I dub thee Sparkles the stripper cat! "Draco screeched at the top of his lungs and both cats winced, covered their ears, and meowed. Then the cats started stalking behind Draco as he walked around the area. He smiled and climbed a tree. Since cats were high jumpers, he expected the cats to just jump up with him. What he didn't expect was when he turned around, in the cats' place, was...

''PANSY?!?!?!? HARRY?!?!?!? WHAT THE FUCK! STALKERS! RUN AS FAR AS YOU CAN, AS QUICK AS YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'' Draco screamed at the top of his lungs and Apparated to Gotham City, United States.

When Draco arrived, he was immediately pummeled by a big, dark figure. Before he could even look up, he received twenty-one punches to the face, twenty-nine punches to the groin, and eighteen kicks to the kidneys. ''I'M BATMAN!!!!!!!'' The figure yelled in his faces and disappeared. Draco lost consciousness soon after from the pain.


   ''Shh, it's okay, Pansy's here to help you. Shh...'' Draco heard in his ear as he slowly regained consciousness. ''Hmmmmmmmm...'' Draco hummed as he felt heat spread across his body. The heat was relaxing, slowly gaining heat. It began getting painful, reeeeeaaaaaallyyyyy painful. Draco popped open his eyes as the searing pain increased. He was on fire!!!!!! ''AHHHHH!!!!!'' he yelled as he tried to roll out the flames. He was chained to the ground, it looked like titanium or steel. The pain was unbearable, but Pansy and Harry were just standing there with Joker grins on their faces and a gasoline can in one hand each. Harry laughed as he threw another bit of gasoline onto the ever growing fire that was slowly killing Draco.

Pansy left the room before coming back with a hose. She put the fire out but still had the mischievous, insane, heartless look on her face. Her eyes showed her glee as Harry came forth with a silver case. He opened it in a way for Draco to be able to see what the contents were. Knives. Shining, glittering, razor-sharp knives. Pansy swept her hand across the case, swiftly grabbing a knife in her hand, Harry copying soon after. Without a word to each other, they simultaneously advanced on their poor captive.

Harry raised his knives, cutting a smile across his face like the Joker's. Slowly, he drew the blade gracefully across Draco's face, carving the dragon as he pleased. He stepped away, pulling out a rusty knife from the case and attacking his prey once again with a knife. He curved the rugged knife, applying pressure into a vein on Draco's arm, popping it open to smile at the blood flowing from the wound. Pansy came forth, showing in her hand a dark bottle. Harry's grin widened as he stepped away. Pansy began to pour the contents of the bottle onto Harry's wounds, causing the burns and cuts pound with pain. Lemon juice continued to pour over him, making him silently scream, silencio having been cast on him so he couldn't scream.

Harry walked towards the dragon with another container in hand. Slowly uncapped it, he sprinkled what was in the container over the lemon juice and wounds. Draco's scream were nonexistent as the pain surged through his body. He couldn't take it, the pain was slowly killing him, the loss of blood was killing him, the lemon juice and salt licking at his wounds. Harry and Pansy seemed to read his thoughts as they stepped back. Pansy grabbed something from behind and placed a mask over his face. Draco slowly slipped into unconsciousness, insane laughter echoing in his ears.


Author's Note:

Emmy: ............I honestly don't know where that came from............... Guess I just have those moments when I turn into my evil side, Myme. O.o

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