One Heart(A Niall Horan fanfic).

19 year old Olivea Jane Collins moves to London, England and gets a job at Nando's. One day while she was working Niall Horan comes in and falls for Olivea and she falls for him as well. But what will happen when Zayn falls for her?! Will she fall harder for Zayn or harder for Niall? Will her best friend help her realize who she should be with or will her best friend fall for one of them?


5. Leira meet's the boys.

Leira's POV.

I was so happy with Louis. He was so funny, so sweet, so kind, so caring, and just so amazing. Hey babe. I was thinking maybe we could take you to meet the boys and Niall's girlfriend today. Louis said. Okay i'd love to meet the boys and Niall's girlfriend. I said. Okay baby let's go. Louis said while kissing me on the cheek. We walked out the door and got into his car. *Skip car ride* We got to the door and I was so nervous I was shaking. I stopped in my tracks. Sweetie what's wrong? Louis asked me. Just nervous that's all. I said. Louis walked toward me and kissed me softly. He grabbed my hand and we walked up to the front door and we went in. Hey, guys I want you to meet my girlfriend Leira. Louis said. I waved to everyone. Hi i'm Harry. The curly haired one said while shaking my hand. Hi Leira, i'm Zayn. The one with jet black hair said while shaking my hand. Hi, i'm Liam. The one with the quiffed hair said. Hi, Leira. I'm Niall. The blonde, irish one said while shaking my hand. Oh my god, Leira! Olivea said while hugging me. You two know each other?! Louis and Niall said together. Yeah we used to go to school together. I said. So Leira, wanna go shopping? Olivea asked. Yeah i'd love too. But only if it's okay with Louis. I said. Yeah, babe it's cool the boys and I were planning on playing some foot ball any ways. Louis said. Okay well see you later then. I said. Me and Olivea walked out to her car. It was gonna be a ton of fun getting to catch up with her again we haven't seen each other since graduation. 


A/N Hope you like Leira. She's one of my friends and I love the character. Hope you like the story updating again soon.

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