One Heart(A Niall Horan fanfic).

19 year old Olivea Jane Collins moves to London, England and gets a job at Nando's. One day while she was working Niall Horan comes in and falls for Olivea and she falls for him as well. But what will happen when Zayn falls for her?! Will she fall harder for Zayn or harder for Niall? Will her best friend help her realize who she should be with or will her best friend fall for one of them?


2. First Day.

Olivea's Pov. 

I woke up at eight because I had to work at nine. I crawled out of bed and went into my bathroom. I brushed my hair and put it into a bun then I hopped into the shower. I got into the shower and dried off and put on my robe. I went into my kitchen and I made some eggs. I ate my eggs and some strawberry's. I went back into my room and got dressed into this >

Then I got into my car and drove to Nando's(my job). I went into the door and I instantly smelt the chicken and it smelt amazing. I clocked in and went behind the counter to start work. 

Niall's POV

I woke up to the sound of my alarm going  off and I tried shutting it off but I remembered I put it all the way on the other side of my room so i'd get up. It was eight a'clock according to my phone. I went into my closet and got dressed into shorts and a 5sos shirt. I went downstairs and saw Harry making breakfast. Hey Niall. You want some breakfast? Harry yelled from the kitchen.  No i'm going to nando's at nine. I said. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a candy bar and I unwrapped it and I ate it. Hey Zayn. Wanna go to nando's with me? I asked. Sure. Zayn said while grabbing his phone. We walked out of the door and got into my car. *Skip Car Ride*. We walked into Nando's and all of a sudden I saw the most beautiful girl ever. I walked up to the register and she was even more beautiful up close. I could tell by the way Zayn was looking at her that he thought she was just as beautiful as I thought. I hope she likes me not him, because I think I want to be with her. Her beauty is just so entrancing. 

Olivea's POV 

So it was a really boring day at work so far. No important customers and then all of a sudden Zayn Malik and Niall Horan of One Direction walked in. I was completely fangirling in my head. I wanted to faint but I couldn't. I caught Niall staring at me and I was thinking Oh my god am I that ugly. Like what the hell? Then I caught Zayn staring at me. Niall came up and ordered for him and Zayn. All of a sudden Niall turned down nervously. Hey love, would you like to hang out sometime? Niall asked. I'd love to! I said. Okay awesome. Well then put your number in my phone but first let me start the contact. He said. I grabbed his phone and put my number in. I was freaking out because he saved me in there under Gorgeous<3. He and Zayn walked out. Then my best friend Grace Allison Murphy walked in. Hey Grace, you won't believe who just walked out. Zayn and Niall! She said. How'd you know? I asked. Because Zayn asked me for my number and saved me as a contact under Angle! We're going on a date tomorrow night. She said. That's amazing! I can't belive it!!!!! I said. Okay well i've got to get working you can go home now. Grace said. Okay see at home(me and Grace live together). I said while walking out the door. I got into my car and drove home. I took my phone out of my bag when I got into my drive way. I noticed I had a text from an unknown number I opened the text and it read: "Hey love, it's Niall. I was wondering if you wanted to hang out tonight. Meet me at Nando's at 4. Yeah?" I didn't reply I was too busy freaking out about the text. I figured I should take a shower and change out of my uniform. I got into the shower and I painted my nails. Then by the time my nails we're dry it was already 3:30. So I decided to get dressed for my date. I got dressed into this -------------------------------->

I got in the car and I drove to Nando's. Woah Liv(her nickname for me). You look hot as all hell. Grace said. Oh why thank you. I'm meeting Niall here in five minutes. I said. Oh damn baby your on fire. Grace said. Haha yeah. I said. Then Niall walked in and he looked amazing. I was just completely intranced. 

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