One Heart(A Niall Horan fanfic).

19 year old Olivea Jane Collins moves to London, England and gets a job at Nando's. One day while she was working Niall Horan comes in and falls for Olivea and she falls for him as well. But what will happen when Zayn falls for her?! Will she fall harder for Zayn or harder for Niall? Will her best friend help her realize who she should be with or will her best friend fall for one of them?


3. Date With Niall.

Olivea's POV. 

So I was staring at Niall and I think he noticed considering he was giggling. Yes? I asked. You just so cute staring at me. He said making me blush. So we got to talking and all of a sudden he invited me to meet the boys. We walked out of Nando's and got into his car. *Skip car ride*. So we got out of his car and before we walked in he put his lips onto mine and gave me a sweet passionate kiss.  Then after our passionate make out session we walked up to the door. Hey, Olivea. I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend. I mean I know we just met but i'm really into you and I can't stop thinking about you and your beautiful smile. I want to be with you more than everything. So what do you say? He said while looking nervous. I couldn't  believe that he was nervous he's Niall Horan. He's like shear perfection. But I spent enough time thinking before I answered. Yes. Of course I'll be your girl friend. I said. He leaned into kiss me again and I instantly kissed back.We walked inside and I was like shaking I couldn't believe that I was dating Niall Horan. He could get any girl he wanted but he chose me. Hey guys, I want you to meet my new girlfriend Olivea. Niall said. I nervously waved to them. God she is beautiful. Harry said making me blush. Thank you Harry. It's nice to meet you all. I said. We we're just about to watch a bunch of movies. Harry said. Would you like to join us babe? Niall said.  Sure! I replied. I went and got changed into this ------------------->

The first movie Liam turned on was Paranormal activity. I think Niall told him to do it because I saw him and Liam talking and Niall giggle a little bit. God Niall looked so fricking perfect standing in his american apparal white t-shirt. God he's amazing. He came and sat next to me and cuddled up by me. Hey babe, do you think we could watch something else? I whispered to him. No sweetie we can't sorry Zayn really want's to watch this. He's going through stuff right now. Niall whispered back. Okay. I said while kissing him on the cheek. Eventually a really scary part came on and I screamed at the top of my lungs and I buried my head in his chest. I fell asleep on Niall and he woke me up at about 3 Am. They must of watched a bunch more movies because when we turned on the first movie it was like 9 a'clock. Hey babe, it's late how about you just stay here tonight. Niall said. Okay that's fine. I said. I was still really tired so Niall carried me over his shoulder up to his bedroom. I couldn't stop laughing because of how he was carrying. When we got into his room we started play fighting and it was a lot of fun. Eventually we both got really tired and cuddled up next to each other and fell asleep. A couple hours later............

I woke up next to Niall. He was up and he was staring at me. What the hell are you doing Horan? I said. I just love watching you sleep sweetie. He said while kissing me softly on the lips. Okay well i'm gonna get up and go get something to eat. Want anything? Niall asked. Nope not hungry.I replied. Okay well there's some of my sisters old clothes in the closet. There's some towels in the bathroom if you wanna shower. He said. Okay well I think i'm gonna take a shower babe. See you in a little bit. I said while kissing Niall real quickly. I got up and went into his closet and got an outfit out, then I went into the bathroom and got towels out. I threw my hair into a bun and put on a shower cap. I washed my hair yesterday before my date, so I didn't want to was it again because it is bad for your hair. I hopped into the shower and washed my body and shaved and everything. I dried off and got dressed into this >

I walked down stairs and heard the boy's talking real loudly. So, horan did you hit that last night? I heard Harry say. No I didn't I actually respect women Styles. Niall said. Which made me smile widely. No Styles, he didn't hit that last night, i'm not some desperate whore who jumps in bed with the guy the second they start dating. I said. I could tell that I suprised the boys. But I could also tell that I made Niall proud. All the boys exepct Harry burst out laughing. Harry was just standing there in awe of what I said. Hey, styles don't idolize me as some slut ever again. I said while kissing Harry on the cheek which made him chuckle. So babe, you want some food? Niall asked me. Yeah I'd love some. I said. Niall made me breakfast and put it in front of me. I kissed him on the cheek before I started eating. 


A/N Hope you like the new update. I love this story so far. Hope you enjoyed it. Updating in the next few minutes. 

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