in her eyes


2. questioning and visionarys

Flashes of scenes blinked in my head to the point of me not being able to see anything but the flashes. Knives and paper and a rope and a mailbox. The address was ******* I quickly wrote down the address, I've been getting into this habit. Better safe then sorry.

More flashes.

A crying girl around 14 I guess

An open laptop with some extremely hurtful emails.

A bloody razor.

And then a bottom of a letter. Signed Lana.

I quickly nodded which was the signal that I had something that needed to be listened to.

God what am I getting myself into.


A couple minutes later I was escorted out of my sickingly white room into a police car and then driven to the police station by a nameless face. I like pointing out things about people that catch my immediate attention. This nameless face had many tattoos and gauges with the Batman symbol on them. He drove steadily and silently and turned on the radio to a heavy metal station. I screamed along with oliver sykes and kellin Quinn and all of my favorite singers until I was dropped off at the police station. 

Then I was escorted to a little interviewing room which ,even though they don't think I know, has a one sided mirror that I can't see out of but they can see in.


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