in her eyes


3. my stupid useless interview


I ignore it and get on with it.

"Can't we just get this over with?"

The nameless irritated interviewer nods.

"What did you see? Anything of importance?" 

"I saw a suicide scene. A rope tied to a hook on a ceiling. Razors covered in blood. Open pills. Hateful emails on the laptop. The address and the girls name."

"What was the address."


Another nod.

"The girls name?"



"Anything else?"

"Its happening tomorrow."

A more urgent nod.

"And I'm coming with you to the house."

"I'm afraid that will be impossible ms?.."

"Allison. Allison dubois."

"Any reasoning for this sudden.. impulse?"

" I want to meet the girl that I'm saving. That's all."

"I guess I can have it arranged."

A nod.

Things that caught my attention about the nameless interviewer

•nervous leg shake.


• a reallyyyyy bad hair cut. √

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