Meeting them

My first fan fic plz don't be rude but I love to here your ideas for my next one



Kandice's p.o.v

Get up kandice we have school and the girls are waiting for us!!!Fine livie tell them were comming actually I will text them.

I=Isabelle k=Kandice

I-where are you and livie!!

K-we are comming

I-well hurry up before where late we can't be late for the first day of school you know!!

K-I know hold your horses!!

I-u guys ready?

K-livie and I are walking out the door!


Ok livie there here and we have to go now!!!ok I am here let's go!!

Laila's p.o.v (at school)

It's so good to be back at school. I heard Kandice say yeah it is good to be back especially since we have new students I can play pranks on them!! Tatyana said happily calm yourself Tatyana we will get pranks in I said but I can't wait!!!well you will just have to Tatyana.kandice said annoyed.Uhh....guys the bell is about to ring and we did not get our schedules!!!oh sugar-smacks!!bye Tatyana Kandice Olivia and Isabelle bye!!!! They all said in sync

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