A Power Like No Other

Yo, Hey my name is April and I know what you're thinking. How'd I get in this hellhole? Actually, it's a government facility but, it's super lame and hard to escape. Anyways, back to my story. First, let me explain something, I'm not like you. I'm special, not like ”Everyone's special". I have "powers" as the retarded agents call it, the kids at my school called me a freak when I was there anyways. They have trouble saying anything anymore. What are my powers? You ask. Well, I'm kinda like a super human. I'm learning to control my power and its not working so well. The director said its cause I keep on trying to escape and I always tell him that's why I want to control 'em.


4. Tyler's p.o.v

"Who the hell is this chick?" I thought.

It's not like I'm gonna murder her, then again she probably has never had a stranger sleep in the same room as her.

Which is quite understandable for a snot-nosed brat like her.

I enter the dark room and immediately sit on the ground.

She seems surprised, but gladly takes the bed.

"Girls." I thought before I slowly drifted to sleep.




I wake up in a cold sweat.

"Bad Dreams," I mutter. "Bad bad bad bad bad bad dreams."

Little did I know that those dreams were actually nothing, but memories.

I try to distract myself from that scary-ass nightmare.

"This place is like a prison," I thought. "A room with no windows, no lights, and one door.

No wonder she wanted to escape."

I look down at my hands, they're sort of...... trembling.

"Do they really think we're this powerful?"

I started furiously punching the metal wall.

I made huge dents which probably is a idiot move on my case.

Just then I realized I said we.

"I don't think I ever said We before."

I look over at her, she looks beautiful, gorgeous face, long brown hair,

and the fact that she smiles when she sleeps just warms my heart.

"Wow," I say to myself. "This is so creepy."

Right then and there I realize that there's something in her hand, a piece of paper of some sort.

I calmly and quietly reach out and grab the piece of paper which I now realize is quite worn out.

It's a picture of a man, a woman and a little girl.

"They look like a family," I thought. "Must be nice."

I gently tuck it under her pillow and immediately head off to sleep.


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