A Power Like No Other

Yo, Hey my name is April and I know what you're thinking. How'd I get in this hellhole? Actually, it's a government facility but, it's super lame and hard to escape. Anyways, back to my story. First, let me explain something, I'm not like you. I'm special, not like ”Everyone's special". I have "powers" as the retarded agents call it, the kids at my school called me a freak when I was there anyways. They have trouble saying anything anymore. What are my powers? You ask. Well, I'm kinda like a super human. I'm learning to control my power and its not working so well. The director said its cause I keep on trying to escape and I always tell him that's why I want to control 'em.


3. Oh gawd no

So, I'm in there like what the hell just happen.

The director comes up and finally decides to introduce us and

almost smacks me in the meanwhile. "April," He began."This is Tyler,

he'll be joining our little circus ring." "Behave." He added quickly.

"So,"Tyler says as soon as he leaves. "How'd you get found out?" "They knew before I did,"

"How 'bout you, what's your story?" "It doesn't matter now, does it?" "I know, but since-"

"Just drop it will ya?" Wow touchy, I thought.

"Time to return to your chamber." Agent 3704 says.

Tyler lifted up his backpack. How can he fit all his stuff in there? I wondered.

"Where do I hit the sack?" He said. "Currently, there are no newly assigned containment units,

so for now you two must share one." "What?!" I shrieked. I didn't care, I wasn't gonna share my

cell with a boy, let alone this douchebag. "Dude, I can't share my cell with this douche."

"Not my problem," Agent-Ass 3704 said. " 'Cause according to my papers, the only thing that was supposed to be there was an experiment. Oh wait, I forgot you are one." Now he's done it. 

I roll up my sleeves and just as I'm about to sock him he says."Did you forget I can press charges?"

I lower my fists. That cocky bastard.

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