A Power Like No Other

Yo, Hey my name is April and I know what you're thinking. How'd I get in this hellhole? Actually, it's a government facility but, it's super lame and hard to escape. Anyways, back to my story. First, let me explain something, I'm not like you. I'm special, not like ”Everyone's special". I have "powers" as the retarded agents call it, the kids at my school called me a freak when I was there anyways. They have trouble saying anything anymore. What are my powers? You ask. Well, I'm kinda like a super human. I'm learning to control my power and its not working so well. The director said its cause I keep on trying to escape and I always tell him that's why I want to control 'em.


2. Gotta go!!

 As the lights in the hallway faded, I lace up my shoes ready to dash but,  suddenly I hear footsteps.I jump into bed.They open the door, its the 

secretary. "I could take her with my hands tied behind my back." I thought.  "She must have thought since I'm just a kid, She had to come check on me."

Before she even bats an eye I'm out the door with her keypass. 

Before you  know it she calls security. "Damn," I thought."I'm ahead of schedule." 

You see I'm always the man with a plan, but in this case I'm screwed.

Suddenly, I'm surrounded by 20 guys. "They must know what I'm like."

I thought to myself. In an attempt to escape I crawled up an air duct.      

It's not the first time I was in a ventilation system, I was here ever since I was seven, tried to escape ever since nine. I knew this place like the back of my hand.

Eventually, I got lost and ended up in the Director's office.Can you say Awkward???

Dude scolded me about how its dangerous to-blah-blah-blah. 

I guess I got sidetracted, cause next thing I know I  bumped into this really skinny guy. He wasn't that good looking, then again he wasn't ugly. "Urgh," I thought. "What am I thinking!!"

Still a little pissed at myself I said "Watch it, Dude" "Speak for yourself, dumb bitch."

"WHAT WAS THAT?!?!?!!" I screamed punching his throat and his head went up to the ceiling.

The ceiling cracked and there was barely any blood, that's when I realized he was "special" too.

You see since I'm special I barely take any damage, that's why I don't get any sympathy  

when I survive a fight and the other guy got beat the crap outta him. Half of the time, the dude that got beat up starts the whole mess.

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