Our World Now

This is for a competition so please like but it is about a girl named Rowan (because that's my favorite name). It's in her world which is the ruins of earth after a asteroid.
Characters Please!!!!!


3. Trouble

Josh woke me up early the next day. He made us pancakes. That we're gross but I ate them anyway. He grinned at me when I asked him for more. Then, we headed down the street. The government had been working on getting a school running for a while. They had finally finished so today we headed to school.

We joined Piper on the way. She didn't talk but I could tell she was happy to have some one to walk with. She was a lot like me but she doesn't have an older brother. Anymore. Josh talked about the usual, something the government did that was on the news.

The television had only one channel now, the news. Most of the time me and Josh watched the T.V. Before bed.

We finally reached the school. It was actually a school, unlike the training facility. I waited by Piper and Dawson, the only two girls I knew now. Everyone else was chatty. They looked like they had known each other forever. Most hadn't. Josh hung out with us too. He only knew the Johnston twins and Bill. He didn't like either.

My first class that day was math. I hated math, I hate math, and I will alway hate math. Josh and Dawson were in math with me. We learned some stupid thing... I didn't bother pay attention. At the end of class our teacher, Trevor (we didn't bother using last names) gave us free time.

"Joshie! Joshie! Joshie!" A boy teased my brother. MY BROTHER! "Does little Joshie miss his mother?" That was a soft spot for Josh. I watched him try to ignore the kids but I saw the hurt in his eyes.

"Shut up, will ya! Not all of us are spoiled at home." I spat at the boy. Josh gave me the stop-it-your-going-to-get-in-trouble-look but I wouldn't buy it.

"Oh now Joshie's little sisters sticking up for him!" He emphasized the word little.

"Shut Up!" I snapped.

"No!" He said in a mocking voice. I punched him in the gut but he wasn't giving up that easily. "Oooooh! Joshie's little sister is going to punch me now." I could hear the hurt but he acted like it wasn't there. This time I punched him in the chin. I think he blacked out for a second but the teacher didn't notice.

In my next class I was joined by Piper. She must have been having a good day because her dark brown hair was still in the perfect sock bun it had been in this morning. I was now in science. We had a partner. Luckily I had Piper. Today we were getting our science books and supplies. Piper and I were talking about our first class.

"You punched someone!" She said, eyes wide. I blushed.

"He was making fun of Josh, and he was just... Being a jerk." I said with a frown. She shrugged.

"I would have done the same thing." She was the one that blushed this time. "If he was my brother you know... Not Josh..." Piper looked at her shoes.

"Rowan Long to the office, Rowan Long." A voice said on the intercom. I looked at Piper, my eyes wide in fear. She looked at me just the same. The teacher, Sherrie, told me to go to the office.

I walked to the office like a robot. Before the asteroid this wouldn't be a huge deal. I would get a detention but with the new government... They thought kill was the best way. After walking as slow as I can I reached the office.


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