Our World Now

This is for a competition so please like but it is about a girl named Rowan (because that's my favorite name). It's in her world which is the ruins of earth after a asteroid.
Characters Please!!!!!


2. Training

The new government had started something called training. We got up at 7 to learn how to fight. To fight what? They think there might be aliens. I don't believe it a bit. Josh likes to use it as a threat but he thinks it's stupid. We walk down to the training hall in silence. It used to be a football stadium. Once my dad took me down and we watched a game. The Bronco's V.S. The Patriots. I remember the screaming fans. Life was great once.

"Okay class!" Yells the instructor. I know his name because he is the one who saved Josh during the asteroid. "I am Noah, today we will be learning how to shoot a gun." I sighed. Josh had taught me how to do that years ago. "Find a gun and shoot at the targets. Later we might have a little competition!" I found a gun next to Piper. She smiled at me. I smiled back and followed her to some targets. I shot a few times, missing the target only once. Piper just stared at the gun.

"Thank you for yesterday." She said it like I had invited her to dinner. I just nodded. "Can you show me how to do that?" She asked me and again I nodded.

"Close one eye and focus on your target." I say. She nods and does as she is told. "Then aim for the center of the target. Now you just have to pull the trigger." I say nonchalantly. She nods but doesn't shoot. I look at her with curiosity.

"I can't shoot." She says sadly. I don't ask her why but continue to hit the target.

"Okay everyone come over here." Noah says. Piper still hadn't shot a bullet. "Now we are going to have a competition to see has he best aim." I see Piper shiver. "I want Josh and Bill, both the Johnston's, Rowan and Dawson, and Piper and Sarah. Is that everyone in 5th Avenue?" He asks us. We all nod. I look at Piper. Who knows what she will do.

"First up, Josh and Bill!" I watch my brother walk up towards the red line across from the target. "You will each shoot 3 shot, a bullseye is worth 10 points, second ring is 5, outside ring is 1, and a miss is 0." He says and the boys nod. Josh goes first, he hits the second ring. Bill hits the middle. The next two times Josh gets a bullseye but so does Bill. That means Josh looses.

Noah shakes his head in shame. "12 laps around the stadium!" He orders. Josh puts his head down and starts to run. I give him the thumbs up and he frowns. I don't watch the Johnston's go, they will tie anyway. It's a twin thing I think. They both sit down in the grass when they are done.

Now it's my turn. I look at Dawson, her long blonde hair is back in a ponytail like mine. Our shirts are the same. Green like the government wants. We have blue jeans, and are both barefoot. I think we look so much alike it might be hard to tell us apart. I lift up my gun. She had went first and missed the target. I purposely got only 5 points. She smiles at me. This will make it more fair. She hits the 5 circle this time. I hit the 10, unless she hits a 10 and I hit a 0 she will loose. She hits the 10. I aim for the 10, it misses by inches but I still win. I give her a pity smile as she starts her 12 laps.

Now it's Pipers turn. I don't know what she will do. I watch her walk up nervously. Sarah hits the 10.

"I can't do this." She says looking at Noah. He stares at her curiously. She sets down her gun.

"Why not?" He asks, it isn't in a mean way though.

"They shot my brother with a gun." She says in a small voice.

"Fifteen laps." He says as he turns towards the rest of us. "Training is over for today."

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