Our World Now

This is for a competition so please like but it is about a girl named Rowan (because that's my favorite name). It's in her world which is the ruins of earth after a asteroid.
Characters Please!!!!!


6. Kaden

A/N still looking for characters but I am going to move on because I am even freaking out about what will happen next :P


I walked with the guards numbly. I knew what was going to happen sooner or later and I thought I might be sick. They walked me down the hall. There were hundreds of kids. Younger and older than me.

"Ms. Long?" A lady ask us at the front desk, everything is gray here including the ladies personality. I nod. "Cell 1272." She seems like the teacher that the whole class hates.

When we reach Cell 1272 they take off my hand cuffs and practically throw me in. I'm not all alone in there which should be happy. The sad thing, though, is I share the cell with a young boy about 8. "Execution date?" He asks once the guards leave. The question caught me off guard.

"Friday?" I say unsure. He sighs. "When's yours?"

"Never, I am just stuck here bored!" I look at him surprised.


"They think I am valuable." He says, he continues after seeing the look on my face. "I am part of this whole experiment thing, it's kinda painful but really boring." I want to ask he so much but he continues. "My names Kaden. What's your name?"

"Rowan." Then I give him a suspicious look. "How old are you?"

"8 1/2!" He says enthusiastically.

"Why do they want you?" I ask him. It is odd that they test on a young child.

"Age? I dunno." He says. "I was hoping you would be a long timer, everyone else leaves me." I feel tears coming on.

"Kaden!" I state. "I won't leave you! I will get you out of here." Tears pour down my face but it will happen. This boy... I feel right now that all I need to do is get him out.

"Thank you!" He says. "Maybe we will get lucky and have 1 more Cell mate!" I look around and notice there are 3 beds, not 2.

"We need all the help we can get." I take a big sniffle and hug him.

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