Our World Now

This is for a competition so please like but it is about a girl named Rowan (because that's my favorite name). It's in her world which is the ruins of earth after a asteroid.
Characters Please!!!!!


4. In the Office

When I reach the office I see 3 of the prison guard soldiers. Don't they have something better to do? I walk up to the desk.

"Rowan Long?" A lady with a librarian bun and glasses says in a flat voice, all I can do is nod and await my fate. She looks down at her book. "It says here you punched Andrew Matthews." I nodded and the guards to a step closer. "You will be escorted to a country jail and will be executed in one week, next Friday." Today was Thursday. My mouth dropped open.

"I punched someone and I will be executed for it." I yelled at her. She pushed her glasses up on her nose and nodded at the guards. One grabbed my arm, I struggled a little but then I gave up. If I did get away, where would I go? I would be better off with them, were I could plead my case or at least live a week. They had both my hands they handcuffed them behind my back. The cold metal dug into me skin making it raw.

I wish I could speak to Josh one more time, tell him what is happening but I doubt they would let me. They think of me as a criminal, but I am just an ordinary girl in our world now.




That was all I wanted to say but I need another character so if you would like to enter... Just so you know a but about what will happen to your character is they will probably be in jail win her and I would like to add that I will probably change the characters a little.

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