Our World Now

This is for a competition so please like but it is about a girl named Rowan (because that's my favorite name). It's in her world which is the ruins of earth after a asteroid.
Characters Please!!!!!


7. Bunk Mate

Kaden had to leave early the next morning for his experiment. I give him a sisterly kiss on the head before he leaves and he waves at me as he walks into the darkness of the hall. I will be all alone today.

I look around the cell and notice some papers sticking out from under Kaden's matress, I pull them out and examine the top one. It is a picture of a young lady that looks like it should be his mother. A tear runs down my face and I shove it back to where it belongs. If the guards saw it the would surely take it away and what do you say? I lost this picture, was it your mom? No.

I am bored all day, around noon (I can't really tell) another kid is escorted to the hall of cells. It's a boy, about my age. Somehow out of pure luck they open the gate to my cell and he steps inside.

"Good work, I think you earned yourself a pay raise for escorting a 15 year old boy to jail for trying to sleep outside. IT'S CALLED CAMPING!" He said to the guard sarcastically. The guard dismissed the comment and walked on.

The boy notices me sitting on Kaden's bed. "We have to get out of here!" He whisper screams. I nod studying him. He isn't much taller than my but his blonde hair is flipped to the side and his brown eyes are bright and mischievous. "Have a name, kid?" He asks. He calls me kid even though I am obviously the same age as me.

"Rowan, and there is also Kaden. He will be back later, how about you?" I try to mock his tone.

"Joseph." He says, monotone.

"Execution date?" I ask him just like Kaden and I feel tears coming on, I feel like I have to keep all harm away from him.

"A week exactly. You?" He says, he seems like the type to be smacking his bubblegum and skateboarding in the middle of the street. Maybe it was just me...

"Next Friday." He sat down next to me.

"Lucky." He was very positive.

"Why are you so positive? Happy to die?" I asked him.

"I have done some things and I guess I wouldn't mind." I felt like hugging him and making it better but that would be awkward. Soon Kaden was back and I introduced him to Joseph who also seemed to go into big brother mode for Kaden.

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