The Cursed Book *on hold*

Jade Casey was normal twenty-five year old. She was getting married to a respectable man and she had a good job and her whole life planned out ahead of her. But at the wedding a strange woman wearing a black robe curses her before she can complete her vows. Jade gets sucked into a portal to another world where she she finds a book in her hands that wasn't there before. She tries to get rid off it but it always returns. Jade must find out how to get back home or be trapped forever.....


2. Unfinished Vows

Jade P.O.V.

I'm nervous. It is my wedding day, why should I be nervous? I am marrying a good man of good intentions. I was definitely not ugly or a klutz and there is no way I would be able to mess this up.  

My curly strawberry blonde hair was done up in a bun with fancy pearl clips. My makeup had been done professionally, the dark eyeliner made my chocolate brown eyes stand out and the baby pink lipstick makes my lips look even more soft and sweet then they are normally. The dress was designer I did love it but I guess if you a marrying one of the richest businessmen in the world you would expect a big fancy wedding. I must say I'm still not used to seeing my face on a magazine with Zac or at all. The dress had lots of layering of three different lengths with a wrapped around styled bodice. It is the most beautiful dress I have ever seen and have gotten to wear.

Zac is a good looking man and is always trying to do what is right for me. I couldn't ask for better, except that I don't love him. I just need someone who will not try to break me, someone who would never hurt me or leave me behind. I still love Xavier my ex-boyfriend but I shouldn't because he broke my heart. How is it, when someone breaks your heart it still loves them? Why doesn't it stop? Why can't I love Zac? I guess there is just something wrong with me like always. At least I have a good job to look forward to. I am a qualified optometrist, I enjoy my job but it doesn't seem to be enough. Ever since high school I've felt empty and hollow like there is something or someone that was important to me that I can't remember. It frustrates me that I can't remember.

Today is more important though and I can mess this up otherwise I will be forever alone. I don't think there is anyone left out there for me who could love me. Especially after Xavier but I guess Zac is an exception since he must love me enough to marry me. I know that wedding was going to be enjoyable since there was going to good music at the reception afterwards. 

The venue of the wedding was outside some famous palace which I can't put a name to, even though I wasn't really that bothered about it. It was such a grand, white palace with columns it made feel small and insignificant. It had a nice pebble roundabout with a fountain in the middle surrounded by white roses. The lawn outside was more like a field wide and expansive. It had a white picket fence and a one metre high hedge surrounding the lawn. A massive gazebo tent was set up of to the left side of the field by the pebble driveway. Two pots of lilies were set up at the end of a white aisle and on either side of the aisle were white chairs for the guests. To be honest I'm not much for big white weddings. They lacked colour and liveliness, isn't that what a weddings supposed to be about? Joining two lives of different colours together to finish the ultimate masterpiece. I guess that's just my opinion. I didn't have that much say in the colours for the wedding. His family all wanted a traditional white wedding and they weren't going to take no as an answer. So I gave up on the idea of a colourful wedding.

The limousine pulled out of the car park to take me down to the wedding.  The high life was good I must admit but there were some flaws to it as you always have to be camera ready. Not one of my strong suits. We were almost there; my dad was sitting next to me.

"Are you ready for this?" He asked.

"Yes." I replied in a monotonous voice.

"Your mother and I never thought you would end up with someone city based. We both thought you end up with someone more like you," he paused for a moment. When I didn't reply he continued, "you don't have to do this, you know? Your mother and I will understand."

"I want this, it's just the wedding has been so stressful. I'm sure it will get better after the wedding is over." I answered.

"That's so long as it's what you want." He said. I nodded. The limo pulled into the palace and the chauffeur opened the door. Dad got out and gave me a hand out. The music started to play as he walked me to the aisle. Zac smiled at me and I in return smiled back. Dad left me at the alter with Zac and the priest. I was looking into Zac's eyes holding his hands. They were a bit clammy and sweaty compared to mine. 

"....take Jade Georgina Casey to be your lawfully wedded wife," said the Priest.

"I do," Zac replied.

"Do you Jade----"

"Wait, I object to this wedding." The black cloaked women cut off. She seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. A stream of blue dust comes out from her left sleeve. A void like portal appeared behind me and started to suck me up. I screamed as it lifted me off the ground dragging my feet first into the void.

"Zac grab my hand please." I asked in fear. He reached out to grab my hand but it was too late. The portal had sucked me all the way in. I spun around uncontrollably as if I was attached to a one of those invisible stage strings.

Then all of a sudden I landed on my butt on a forest floor. I sat up and for some reason there was a book in my hand. That is so creepy. I threw it away but it spun around and come back landing on my dress. I looked around; all I could see was trees great. Something howled in the distance, I quivered with fear. I was lost, I didn't know where I was and I didn't even get to finish my vows. I cried in the silence of what looked like a late afternoon. I really am going to be lost and alone now.

It had been a few minutes and I decided I better find somewhere away from the creatures that lived in these woods. I picked up the book and turned to the first page. It said; 'Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban,' then on the next page it said 'You are currently in the Forbidden Forest.' I flipped through the rest to the book but there was nothing else.

Great, I have a book that tells me I am in the Forbidden Forest in Harry Potter. This book must be some kind of prank, but that still leaves me one question. Where am I? I had a good look around and I saw that I wasn't too far away from a clearing. I made my way over to it and I looked up about the trees for any smoke or other signs of human inhabitant. I spotted a bit of smoke a bit to the left.

"Are ya alright 'here miss?" A man said from behind me, but it seemed somehow familiar. I spun around. I thought I looked wild with the panda eyes from my mascara and the stray locks of my hair falling out of my bun, but then there was this man. He had wildly curly long hair and beard and he was massive and very tall.

"I'm a bit lost. Can you tell me where I am?" I asked.

"Yer in the Forbidden Forest, I can show ya the way out." He said

"Yes please. I'm Jade." I held out my hand.

"Rubeus Hagrid." He shook my hand. Oh my god, the book is right. I'm in the Harry Potter world in the Forbidden Forest. We started to walk together down a worn dirt path. "How come yer were in 'ere?" Hagrid asked.

"I don't know. I was just about to get married then a witch put me through a portal and I ended up here. I've been lost for what seems like hours. I found this book and no matter how much I try to get rid of it just reappears again." I explained.

"Really?" Hagrid questioned.

"Yes. I'll show you." I threw it as hard as I could to get it away from me. It crashed into the ground then shot up again very quickly. I caught it, at the force it hit me I fell to the ground.

"I see, maybe we should see Dumbledore 'bout that." He led me past a small hut and towards a magnificent castle. It was Hogwarts and when I went into the castle, the student's in the hallways looked at me. I guess I would stare as well if a woman in a wedding dress walked into my school. We stood on the staircase to Dumbledore's office. "Sherbet lemon" He said and the stairs moved around up to Dumbledore's office door. Hagrid knocked, the door was shortly answered afterwards. Dumbledore seemed very calm and collected as he let us in.

"What seems to be the problem young lady," Dumbledore asked.

"I was lost in the Forbidden Forest. A witch had me sucked through a portal and I ended up here. I was about to get married but she obviously didn't want that to happen so I didn't even get to say my vows. All I know is this is a different world to the one I'm from. I don't know why I was sent here. The only thing I know is I can't get rid of this book that appeared shortly after I got out of the portal. Also I know that this is the Harry Potter World or formally known as the Wizarding World. I don't know how to get back home." I said. I put my hands over eyes and wept.

"It is alright my dear, I will help you." He put his hand on my arm to reassure me. "Hagrid you may go, I can take it from here." He led me to the front of his desk and he sat down. "Now about that book of yours, may I have a look at it?" I nodded and handed it over. He seemed to be looking at it from every angle before he opened it. He flipped through the first couple of pages then stopped. "The book obviously doesn't want me to see its context. It is definitely cursed, and you say that you couldn't get rid of it?"

"Yes, that is true." He handed it back to me.

"Tell me what you see," he said. I opened it to the first page.

"Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkaban," I flipped to the next page. "You are now in Dumbledore's office." I read the next page, "Jade Casey you are a witch for this story have some fun." I turned several pages but the rest were blank. I looked up at Professor Dumbledore. "What does that mean Professor Dumbledore?" I asked.

"I guess you'll just have to have some fun. The only thing we can do is to wait and find out. I can enrol you for some classes if you would like." Dumbledore answered.

"I guess I don't have anything else to do while I'm here, but professor I don't have any class equipment." I asked.

"I can get that arranged for you. I will get Hagrid to go to Diagonalley to pick up your school things. For tonight's arrangement's I will sort out a place for you to sleep." There was a knock at Dumbledore's door. "Enter." It was unmistakably Professor McGonagall. She pauses for a moment taking me in. I felt scrutinized under her eyes. "Ah, Professor McGonagall your arrival is most opportune. Miss Casey here will be joining Hogwarts until she finds out how to get back home. She needs a bed for tonight, I'm sure you can have that arrange that for her." Professor McGonagall nodded.

"Excuse me, Professor Dumbledore do you think it would be possible for me to get change of clothes for tonight and tomorrow until I get my own." I asked.

"Most certainly, I believe Professor McGonagall can help with that tonight." Dumbledore replied.

"Come with me, Miss Casey." I followed her to her tower. She gave me some clothes to wear and a place to sleep in her tower.

"Thank you Professor." I said.

"No problem dear. I was wondering how old are you?" She asked.


"Well then good night." She closed the door and walked away. I was left to myself in her spare room.

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