The Cursed Book *on hold*

Jade Casey was normal twenty-five year old. She was getting married to a respectable man and she had a good job and her whole life planned out ahead of her. But at the wedding a strange woman wearing a black robe curses her before she can complete her vows. Jade gets sucked into a portal to another world where she she finds a book in her hands that wasn't there before. She tries to get rid off it but it always returns. Jade must find out how to get back home or be trapped forever.....


5. Ravenclaw vs. Hufflepuff

~~The next training was at first light before breakfast. Roger had organised practice for me each morning and straight after school for every day leading up to the big game. Each time I got better at flying and defending the goal. I was getting closer and closer to where I wanted to be. I did manage to get all my homework done as well.
Roger had organised the Ravenclaw team to practice with us three of the five practices. Roger said it was a good idea for me to get used to the team and get to know who was in it. The week seemed to be moving very fast and before I knew it, it was game day. I got my Ravenclaw kit on and the team waited inside the doors, waiting for Madam Hooch to call us onto the Quidditch pitch.
“Are you nervous?” Roger asked.
“Couldn’t be better,” I joked. My stomach seemed to forget that it was only a game and I was ready for it, but it ignored that and continued doing somersaults. Gosh I really felt sick I’d never had it so bad before.
“Hey, you don’t look very good.”
“I’m fine. I didn’t get much sleep last night,” I lied.
“So long as you are good to play, I don’t want to push you too hard. I don’t need you in the hospital wing with our other keeper.” Roger stated. It was nice that he cared but if I don’t play now I don’t think I will have the guts to do it ever.
The doors opened, the players got into their positions then Madam Hooch released the snitch and bludgers.
“Ready your brooms,” Madam Hooch yelled throwing up the Quaffle while blowing the whistle to start the match.
Hufflepuff got to the Quaffle first passing it around their team trying to make it to me and score. That was not going to happen, not with me here. A chaser from Hufflepuff managed to get through to me; the Quaffle was thrown towards the goal on my left. I dived and got there just in time to catch it, swinging around on my broom. I threw it to Roger and he passed it around the Ravenclaw Chasers.
Ravenclaw scored, there were a lot more chances for Ravenclaw to score but we only got a few of them. Hufflepuff probably had the same amount of chances but it seems like I was a too good of a keeper for them to get past. Ravenclaw caught the snitch and the game ended.
I walked off the pitch with the team. I received lots of compliments from my team mates.
“You were awesome out there, Jade.” Roger said.
“Awesome. You did better than awesome, Jade. You were perfect; no one has beaten Hufflepuff like that and stopped them from scoring for ages,” Blake commented.
“By the time you have to go no one will want you to go except the other houses because that is some bloody good Quidditch,” Phoebe seemed really surprised by me performance and she showed that in her voice.
When we had worked our way back to the common room, everyone was waiting for me. They cheered my name, lifting me up and started celebrating today’s victory over Hufflepuff. I had so much fun being celebrated with the rest of the team. Someone brought in butter beer for everyone, the whole house was buzzing.
I had been to a few parties as a teenager but this was so much better, it felt alive. All the parties I’d been to before were boring and lifeless. At those parties seemed to be the type of people who didn’t want to celebrate anything. The only thing at those parties that people seemed to care about was getting as wasted as they could possibly get. It didn’t look good either when they passed out on the floor with vomit everywhere. I wasn’t really a party person; I didn’t like drinking too much because I didn’t like what it could turn me into. Over happy and clumsy drunk, angry drunk or an overemotional drunk because when someone lets themselves get this way they are no longing in control, who they really are or remotely conscious of their actions. I would rather stay who I am no matter where or what.
Christopher and Phoebe got me after the celebration to go to the feast in the great hall. I still was used to the enchanted ceiling and sitting at a long wooden beach packed with people now.
Dumbledore made a quick announcement to congratulate Ravenclaw on our win today against Hufflepuff and that duelling club would be starting tomorrow also to remind everyone there was still time to sign up. The food and drink appeared shortly after he finished, my friends and I dug in.
“Do you think you’ll be joining the duelling club?” Christopher asked.
“I don’t know, I don’t think I’d be good at it.”
“Why not duelling club has always been fun and besides, what do you have to lose? You might as well try you don’t know how much time you have left with us.” Phoebe was always right but sometimes I just didn’t know what I wanted.
“I’m probably not any good at it.”
“Sure you are, if you can learn all the spells from first year to seventh year in a few days. I bet there is nothing you can’t do.”
“But what if they laugh at how bad I am, Phoebe.”
“You’ll be fine we’ll be there with you,” Christopher reassured. It felt good to have such good friends even if it was only for a short time.
“I guess I could join with you guys,” I said uncertainly but that didn’t stop Phoebe jumping at the opportunity.
“Great, we’ll see you there then,” she beamed. After that there was still chatter between me and my friends but a little lighter if that was possible. I could still hear people talking about the Quidditch match today, some seemed to be making big talk about my keeper skills, also envy. Most of them thought that I had taken liquid luck or another potion that would make me play good.
I didn’t care that much, my mind was somewhere else that evening. I thought about my future, if I was able stay. I could probably become a Professor here at Hogwarts, maybe in herbology or transfiguration. It wouldn’t be that bad, I could really make my living here. Start fresh and maybe even fall in love again. I knew as much as I wanted a fresh start it wasn’t going to fix my life, but I wasn’t ready to face it and change my life so that I could move on.
To be completely honest my life is a mess, no matter how much I have tried to hide it, it hasn’t changed at all. My life was less of a mess now that I had friends I trusted and could talk to but it only helps so much. Even if I listen to their advice I can’t do much if I don’t try any of it.
The next day I was ready for the duelling club, quite unexpectedly I was excited. Phoebe had brought my spirits up on the whole thing also I saw that Kelsey had asked Luke out. I was proud that she was brave enough to do so, but I was even happier that he had accepted her as his girlfriend. Kelsey said to me that it hadn’t been easy trying to convince him that he should. At least Luke should be in a better mood now.
I had potions first this morning with Professor Snape. He wasn’t very impressed with my potion, but you can’t be good at everything. My potion was supposed to be a golden colour when Professor Snape looked into my cauldron seeing red muck.
“What is that?” Professor Snape questioned.
“My potion sir,” I replied.
“Why is it red?”
“I don’t know, Professor. I don’t think potions are my thing.”
“I’m surprised, that a Ravenclaw can’t do potions. I thought those in Ravenclaw excelled in schooling?” Professor Snape mocked.
“I’m sorry I don’t meet your expectations, Professor.” I lowered my head feeling small and like someone who isn’t supposed to be in Ravenclaw. “Well this Ravenclaw has only been here little over a week and I have managed to catch up in most areas, but some are harder than others.” I said bravely. Wow where did that come from, I don’t think I have stood up to anyone like that before especially a teacher.  I don’t know why it had come over me.
“Very well,” Professor Snape waltzed away, thank god. Getting in trouble wasn’t going to improve my potions.
It felt strange as if I had forgotten something about myself that stopped me from truly knowing myself. I feared that there was a piece of life that I had forgotten or had been made to forget. Anything is possible right? If magic exists in my world, why wouldn’t it? Maybe there was something in the library that might help.
In library at break I couldn’t seem to find anything at all until Hermione came up to me.
“What are you trying to find?” Hermione asked.
“A book on memory spells.”
“You’re looking in the wrong section.” Hermione moved to the other side of the book self and came back with a few books. “These books should have what you’re looking for. Do you mind me asking what you are trying to find out?”
“No, um well I feel like someone has blocked some of my memories and replaced them with something else or I don’t know.” I was out of my depth; I didn’t have a clue what could have possibly happened. The person who must have cast it would have stopped me from remembering them.
“Well that is a bit difficult to get back. What’s in those books probably won’t help. I’ve already read those books it tells you what these spells can do and how to cast them, not much else sorry.”
“That’s okay, I was only wondering. The magic where I’m from is probably different anyway. I’m Jade by the way.”
“I know Harry said that you two talked outside the great hall the other day. I’m Hermione.” I shook her hand.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
“He also told me about that curious book that you have.”
“Oh, right. Was it right about what happened?”
“Yes actually, it was very accurate. I better go, I got history next.”
“That’s fine, I better go to I have transfiguration. It was nice meeting you.” I smiled. It was not very day that you got to see a person that had become a role model for young women all over the world. It was even better meeting her in person. When I was younger I wanted to be like her; intelligent, brave, strong, caring and organised. She always had a plan for the future and from since I could remember reading the books, I’ve wanted a life like hers. I’ve even dreamed about it. The magic, the friends, the family, everything but no matter what I tried I never made it all come true.
I made my way to my classroom and I looked down at my wrist as if I had a watch on. I felt stupid for looking but what I saw made me sad. Out of the name Harry Potter that was imprinted on my arm there was only an ‘er’ left. I had been here nine days and only had two to go and I had no clue what would happen to me next.
Transfiguration was good. I turned a cat into a mouse then into a ferret then into quill then back into a cat without any trouble. Professor McGonagall was impressed with my success.
“5 points to Ravenclaw,” Professor McGonagall awarded.
“Thank you, Professor.” I smiled to her thankful that I had managed to contribute to my house even though I was only here for a week and a bit.
Professor McGonagall nodded and went to go look at how the rest of the class was getting on with the task she had set us. I practiced it over of the rest of the lesson although I had mastered it after the first few times.
The rest of the day was okay but I couldn’t lie, I missed my family even though I didn’t want to leave. I couldn’t leave them behind, I wanted to get back. I felt conflicted. I knew there was nothing I could do about it, so I guess I’ll just have to accept the time I got and be grateful that I even had a chance to be here.
I almost forgot about duelling club until Phoebe saw me heading toward Ravenclaw tower. She turned me in the right direction and we headed over to the great hall which had been rearranged for duelling club.
Professor Snape stood on the long rectangular stage that was in the centre of the Great hall. There was a large gathering of students around the stage that a blue and gold rug with the different phases of the moon on it. “Can I have two volunteers?” It was more of a command than a request.
Kelsey was the first to make her way onto the stage; no one else seemed to want to go. Before I had the chance to go up Professor Snape spoke. “No one else? Roman come up here.” He volunteered a boy from Slytherin. Roman was a bit reluctant to go on the stage.
Kelsey and Roman bowed to each other in centre of the stage then turned around and slowly walked to the opposite ends of the stage with their backs to each other.
“Ready your wands.” Professor Snape announced. “Duel!”
They both span around fast then started casting no-verbal spells at each other. Fire and lots of other types of spells cascaded across the stage from each of the duellers to their opponent. Kelsey was good at blocking most of the spells. She missed one block and flew backwards, but Roman was gloating to his fellow Slytherin about his good shot that didn’t see the next spell in time to block it. His body froze and he fell backwards onto the floor of the stage.
There was a roar of laughter coming from the Gryffindor’s.  Kelsey made a bow then said, “And that is how you win a duel.” Roman the Slytherin boy was taken off the stage by his house members. “Any challengers?” She taunted.
When no one spoke up and Kelsey started to leave the stage, I spoke up. “I think I’ll give it a shot.” I pushed through to the stage. When Kelsey saw me she froze for a moment then smiled.
“Are you sure that you are ready for this?” she asked mockingly. She was letting that win against the Slytherin go to her head.
“As ready as I’ll ever be.” I answered. I knew my spells now that I had been at Hogwarts for that last nine days, but hadn’t used them against another person yet. I was worried that I would be able to do it but I thought to myself, ‘I’m a Ravenclaw. This won’t be a problem.’
We bowed to each other then made our way to the opposite ends of the stage and waited for Professor Snape’s call.
“Duel,” he spoke then we span around to face each other and we cast our spells. After a few defensive spells I managed to gain the upper hand.
“Expelliarmus!” I yelled and Kelsey wand flew into the air towards me. I caught it and my friends and others from in Ravenclaw cheered for me. My first duel I won, even though I did been someone who was my friend. It felt good.
I went over to Kelsey and helped her up from where the spell had knocked her onto the ground. “I enjoyed duelling with you. You were great.” I said being a good sport and returned her wand.
“You weren’t half bad yourself.” She smiled and shook my hand. She looked impressed with my duelling. I guess I was pretty good for someone who had only been at Hogwarts for a short time. Kelsey left the stage and it was my turn to have a challenger at first everyone seemed reluctant to come up but they didn’t want to get volunteered by Professor Snape.
Blake decided he would come onto the stage and test his skills. When we began to duel he was a lot faster at casting spells than Kelsey was. The duel didn’t last as long as the last one. I was disarmed after a while. I left the stage after I picked up my wand.
The rest of the evening continued with people challenging the winner of the previous match until it was time for dinner in The Great Hall. The Winner of the day was Felix Herzin the captain of the Ravenclaw quidditch team. Professor Snape awarded him ten points for his efforts in duelling club.
Everyone started to make their way to back to their houses to find their friends to go to dinner with and I was about to follow them.
“Miss Casey can you stay behind,” Professor Snape commanded.
“Yes Professor.” I smiled.
“Your duelling was exceptional.”
“Thank you, sir.”
“You seem to know something about me that the other students do not because your attitude is different towards me.”
“In fact I do know something, but it is something I cannot tell other students. All I can say is in four years time you will be regarded as a hero and your sacrifices will all be worth it. Those who know you will see all the good you have done over the years and have respect for you. Your story in my world is greatly known.” I answered.
“Are you saying that you know my future?” Professor Snape asked.
“Some of it yes, but most of want I know is about Harry Potter and his friend’s future.” I explained.
“That is all I wished to ask. You may go now.” I nodded turning toward the door. As I left out of the corner of my eye I saw Professor Snape cast spells to rearrange the great hall so it was ready for dinner.
By the time I had made my way to Ravenclaw tower my friend were already coming down the stairs. I waited for them at the bottom and they were a bit surprised to see me there.
“I thought you were talking with Snape.” Christopher said.
“I was but it was for very long, that’s why I came to find you.” I replied.
“We were just coming down to go and look for you. What did he want to talk to you about?” Phoebe asked.
“He just said that my duelling was exceptional and that he was impressed with my skills.” I answered.
“Really? I didn’t think he was one of those people who gave complements to students that weren’t in his house.” Christopher said.
“Well he did make sure he said it after everyone had left the Great Hall. After that he let me leave so he could get the Great Hall ready for dinner.” I knew I couldn’t tell them about what I knew about the future I had talked about to Professor Snape so I left it out.
“That seems different for him, but maybe he is getting a new favourite in our class.” Christopher said hopefully.
“I doubt it. I suck at potions even if I was his favourite student I wouldn’t get any points for Ravenclaw in his class because all my potions have failed so far.” I raised an eyebrow.
We sat down together at the Ravenclaw table and waited for Professor Dumbledore to finish making the evenings announcements. After which the food appeared on all the tables in the Great Hall. Everyone helped themselves and dug into what they had dished up.
Dinner was enjoyable I joined in on the discussion about the Herbology test tomorrow. They were going to have a study group after the feast in the Ravenclaw common room. Then everyone started to go over the topics we had covered in Herbology that was going to be in our test.
When we got back to Ravenclaw Tower, we all went to our rooms to collect our Herbology books. The study group lasted for a few hours because after Herbology revision was finished we got out our other homework. I felt like I was really getting to know my Herbology although my potions didn’t improve as much.
“Hey, Jade we made you this so when to leave you have something to carry everything with you in.” Christopher handed a bag to me. It was a brown leather satchel it was only small.
“We put an undetectable extension charm on it so you can bring everything with you. We thought it looked a lot better that your other bag.” Phoebe said. It was a beautiful bag and it was very thoughtful of them. I hadn’t been able to get them anything.
“Thank you so much I love it, but I haven’t gotten you anything.” I said.
“That’s okay. We know that you only came here with your wedding dress and a book that doesn’t leave your side.” Phoebe said. “Though I wouldn’t mind your wedding dress it’s pretty flashy.” She wiggled her eyebrows.
We all laughed together. “What would you use it for?” I asked.
“I don’t know. Maybe I’ll get married in it or pretend to be a ghost bride and haunt people by using my magic. I think the second idea is more entertaining,” She grinned putting a hand under her chin making a pose of thinking it over. That only made us laugh more.
“Bloody hell I hate to be haunted by you. It’s had enough just having you hang around in the weekends.” Christopher joked. Phoebe chuckled at him.
“I can’t be that bad, Chrissie.”
“Well maybe not that bad, Phi.” He smiled at her affectionately. He gave her a quick peck on the lips.
The Herbology test was really easy and the other Ravenclaw’s thought so too. Transfiguration went well; we were transfiguring watches into quills. I hadn’t expected anything less. I knew that transfiguration was what I was good at. Potions were a bit easier today though, Professor Snape didn’t point me out in front of the class like he did last time.
Professor Snape understood me more now that I had said that he is regarded a hero for what he does in his future. Though he may not believe me, it probably sounded like I had respect for him.
Charms class went well too. It was another class that I was good at but not as good as my transfiguration. We learnt how to do some cloaking spells and other protective spells. They were difficult spells everyone in the class had a bit of trouble casting them, but we made progress throughout the lesson. Mine were a lot better at the end of the lesson, but not perfect. Professor Flitwick said we would continue practising them throughout the week until we all had it to a level he was happy with for each of us.
History with Professor Binns was boring as per usual and I found myself staring off into the distance out of the window. This day may as well be my last day at Hogwarts and spending it in a history of magic wasn’t what I really wanted to be doing. I did listen to some of the lesson which had to do with an ancient battle between two wizards that wanted to be rulers of the world of magic back in 1200’s. I knew that this information wouldn’t be useful unless I was to stay at Hogwarts longer.
Care of Magical creatures with Professor Hagrid was interesting as we were learning about the mere-people. We were all standing on the shore of the Black lake watching the mere-people. Professor Hagrid had asked them to show themselves to us for a lesson. It was strange seeing their fish-like faces on a human like body from the torso up and a tail from the torso down. They looked more realistic than the ones in the fairytales.
After school there was Quidditch practise. I had been looking forward to it all day long. Being able to do a sport every now and then had always given a comfort to me that nothing else ever had. When practise came to an end, Roger seemed reluctant to tell me something.
“Our other keeper should be getting out of the hospital wing by tomorrow. They will be coming back to their spot in the team but you are welcome to still practise with the team whenever you want. If you were staying longer you would have a spot on the team. It was fun having you on the team against Hufflepuff.” Roger said with care. I could see that he didn’t want to offend me by saying that I had to leave the team since there other keeper was coming back now. I didn’t mind and it wasn’t his fault that I had to go either.
“That’s alright, I’ll see you around and maybe if you ever need to have a fill in keeper again I’ll be free.” I reassured Roger to show his that it didn’t bother me that I had to leave the team.
I walked back to the common room with the Ravenclaw Quidditch team.
“Surprise!” A collective hurrah from all the Ravenclaws echoed through the common room when I entered. I put both of my hands on my face in surprise. There was food on one table and butter beer on another. Streamers fell around the room, everyone seemed to be happy and excited and they waited for me to say something.
“Oh my god, I wasn’t expecting this! Wow thank you all for the wonderful gesture.” I showed my gratitude. Someone put on music and everyone partied, ate food and drunk the butter beer. I’d never been very good at dancing so I stuck to the outside of the room.
“Why aren’t you out there dancing?” Felix asked me as he set his drink down on a table.
“I don’t dance,” I tried to say over the music.
“Of course you can dance,” Felix said extending hand towards me. When I hesitated to take it, he quickly snatched me away to the dance floor. Before I could say anything he had me twirling around like a ballerina. It made me giggle for the first time in long time. Even after tripping over my two left feet on several occasions I had fun. More fun than I had had in the last few years.
About five minutes later I was dancing with Blake then Roger then Christopher and many other boys in Ravenclaw. The celebration only went on for an hour before Professor Flitwick came in to say that it was time to attend to our studies.
That was when my bag flew down the stairs from my dormitory and stopped in front of me. I unzipped my bag and the cursed book flew out and into my hands opening itself to a new page.
‘It’s time to go; you have time to say your goodbyes.’  The book wrote to me. Christopher and Phoebe were already by my side.
“I guess this is goodbye,” I said.
“I suppose it is,” Phoebe smiled sadly. I was going to miss my friends here at Hogwarts.
“It’s only goodbye for now. Who knows? Maybe we will see you again one day when you figure out the curse.” I liked Christopher’s optimism, I hoped someday too that I would be able come back and see them. I embraced them.
“I’m good to miss you guys. Tell the others, Cedric, Luke, Kelsey, Scarlett, Roger and the team all goodbyes for me.” Tears started to fall in Ernst as I readied myself for my departure.
“We will.” Christopher and Phoebe nodded in union.
 “Thank you for such a memorable time and I will never you or the fun times we spent together.” I saw them smile at me with tears welling up in their eyes and that was when the portal appeared and sucked in, leaving my new friends behind.

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