The Cursed Book *on hold*

Jade Casey was normal twenty-five year old. She was getting married to a respectable man and she had a good job and her whole life planned out ahead of her. But at the wedding a strange woman wearing a black robe curses her before she can complete her vows. Jade gets sucked into a portal to another world where she she finds a book in her hands that wasn't there before. She tries to get rid off it but it always returns. Jade must find out how to get back home or be trapped forever.....


1. Prologue

The women in the black cloak's P.O.V.

I know it has been two years since I saw Jade with the one she was meant to be with. Today she is getting married to the wrong man. I know she should have known by now that he is wrong for her but I have a promise to fulfil. It all happened about seven years ago when we were both eighteen.

We used to be best friend's you know? That was back in the good old days when she used to know who I was. I erased her memories of me because my family forced me to, but I will still keep her promise until the day it is fulfilled. The last thing I promised to her was that I would make sure she ended up with the right person. It's a bit tricky for me to do since I am not allowed to talk to her. I have a plan. I know it may be a bit drastic but it is the only shot I got at finally getting her back with him.

She was with him about two and a half years ago. Another man ripped her away from him by making him look like a liar and a cheat but he did it very discreetly so it was always a different person that made up the lies. His name is Xavier, Xavier Britson. He was a man of true heart. He is Jade's true love and she is his. Xavier would never even think of do any of the things he was said to have done. She stayed with him while they were still just rumours but one day he was kidnapped and framed to look like he had been with another woman. He had been knocked out and drugged and when Jade found him she couldn't take it anymore and rumours any of it and left him. The other man's name is Marcus Geldton, he thought he truly loved her and wanted her no matter what it cost him, even if he had to build Jades and his own relationship on lies. 

Marcus is not the one she is marrying though. She is being wed to Zac Roman, who was marrying her because he knew he could spend the rest of his life happily with her. A normal life with her but when it is not true love normal is boring. When you are in love with someone, no day is boring with them and love is passionate, exciting and adventurous. Jade seven years ago said to me she didn't want an average life, she wanted life her life to the fullest. Marcus ruined her happy ending once and I was going to fix it. Once Marcus found out that she would never love him for what did and what type of person he is, he gave up. He hid in the shadows watching her go through her life. Ok, I know she has a stalker and I've done nothing about it, but don't you worry. If everything goes accordingly to plan he will be gone as well.

My plan will take place tomorrow at Jade's wedding. The most important part of my plan is the cursed book I have found. Hopefully this book will fix everything. It is my only hope; I couldn't find anything else that could help. I will not tell you what it does as it would ruin the surprise. All I can tell you is this book will reunite Xavier and Jade and they will get the happily ever after they deserve.

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