My Story

This is my story. The story of my life. Well not all of it. Maybe writing it down will help. Who knows?


4. 2008

This was the year it happened but I'll skip to the Summer. I sorry if it becomes incoherent but I'll try my hardest  :)


My dad couldn't stay with us at home anymore. He had to go live somewhere else for a while, where they would look after him. I was fine with that, it was really nice there.

I missed school to visit him but I was having too much fun to care. 

Every morning when I arrived and left at lunch time, and every afternoon when I arrived and left in the evening I paid my pound and guessed a name on the teddy. My grandmas gave me money and everyone else too. In the end I won him with the name Stanley.

There was this one woman Jackie. She came one day and brought me a board game Whatever Next. I had so much fun playing it with all my family whenever they were there. I forgot to mention but my dad was "asleep" all this time. One time I had to turn my t-shirt inside out and forgot for the whole day. The best thing was I once had to touch everyone's noses and when I touched my dad's he opened his eyes. 

Jackie brought me plasticine and we made roses and had other fun, and I never knew anything was wrong.


I'm going to have to stop now. I just can't carry on but I will try to tomorrow. Sorry 

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