My Story

This is my story. The story of my life. Well not all of it. Maybe writing it down will help. Who knows?


2. 2006

This was when my world basically fell apart. I'm wrong it didn't yet. But my parents' did. Because this is from my point of view I suppose what is going on is irrelevant. 


Something must have happened in this year but I don't remember. To be honest I was only 6 going on 7. I was in Year 2 at school with my favourite primary school teacher Mrs Wood. Every morning I would go and sharpen her pencils. I got blisters on my hands but I didn't care because I wanted to help. From a young age that was all I wanted. 

Year 2 was my favourite year at school. All my friends were in my class and I was a happy child. It became clear early on that I was what they called "gifted", but I didn't always do exceptionally well in the tests. I remember one question about pencils. 

There are 12 pencils in a box and 10 boxes of pencils. There are 30 people in the class and each student is given 1 pencil at the start of the year and another part way through the year. At the end of the year how many pencils are left?

Looking at that the answer is 60. (I hope that's right haha). But me being me, I didn't answer it. I was a bright student so this confused my teacher. When she asked my why I didn't answer I replied "It depends on how many half pencils are left." 

I loved school and spent all my time there or with friends or at the ballet classes I attended weekly. I had no idea that anything was wrong.

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