One direction infection

Nicole montero absolutely despises one direction. Her friends trick her into coming to a concert, and she gets kidnapped by the same people her friends came to see! Please read!


1. chapter 1

Hey, guys! This is my first fanfic, so PLEASE be nice!

OH MY GOD!'' My friend Tracy screamed.

''Tracy? What's wrong?"I shouted in worry as i ran towards the lunch table all my friends were sitting at, all looking at a book in the middle of them.

''Look how hot he is!'' Tracy said in a high pitched voice.

'My poor, poor ears!'

I looked down at the book and saw a picture of Five boys, who smiled charmingly at the camera while tackling each other playfully.

I groaned at the look on their faces before asking the question that made everyone gasp; ''What's the big deal? Their just a bunch of stupid boys." They all gasped, horrified I would say such a thing

''WHAT!?'' They all yelled in sync.

''It's One Direction! How could you say that?" Brittney pointed a finger at me. I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, a group of gay boys who sing. And I should care why?"

''Why?" Chandler screeched. " you dare to ask why? Not only are they hot, but they are also talented and funny and..." She went on and on, ranting about how wonderful one direction was.

I face palmed, ''Seriously?'' Was all i could manage to say.

''Admit it though, they're cute." Anna told me, giggling at my reaction.

''Pfft, I hardly even know their names! And besides, most cute guys are usually either taken or gay."

''Well, we don't expect to actually date them, we just like looking at their hotness. Although if one of them wanted to date me, I wouldn't say no." Anna explained, blushing slightly. "Especially zayn."

''No way! The cutest is definitely harry, how can you not love that curly hair!" Tracy squealed.

''Pfft, It's gotta be Liam, he's so responsible and kind hearted' Brittney said as she huugged the book.

''But what about Niall! He's so adorable and funny!'' Chandler said, hearts begining to form in her eyes.

Then they all started arguing over who was the best. I sighed and ate my sandwich in silence. I glared at the boys on the cover of the book. It was their fault I had to listen to my friends fan girl over them. Finally, I had had enough.

''I hate this stupid talk about One Direction, if that's all you're gonna talk about, then I'll just leave." I huffed and turned around.

''It's not our fault that we have One Direction Infection!' i heard Tracy call out, followed by laughs and giggles from the others.

'One Direction Infection! Seriously! They're just a bunch of guys that sing songs about love!' I thought and sighed.

'They're almost as bad as Justin Bieber... Although not quite.'

And then I thought back to the picture's I had seen of them, that was probably the first time I had actually really looked at them, and I had to admit, they looked pretty damn hot.

...But no one had to know about that.


"We have to get her to like one direction!" Tracy said as soon as Nicole left. All the others nodded in agreement. "But how? She hates them." Anna questioned. Chandler snorted. "Come on! Didn't you see her checking then out? If she almost drools over a picture of them, I wonder what would happen if she saw them in real life."

"But we can't see them in real life." Brittney pointed out.

Chandler smirked. "Oh yes we can." She said, reaching into her back pocket to show them five tickets to the one direction concert. Anna gasped. "Where did you get those? They were sold out weeks ago!"

Chandler shook her head. "Never mind that. Look what else I got." And out of her other pocket she brought out five backstage passes. All the others watched her in awe. "How are we gonna get Nicole to go?" Brittney asked. Chandler smirked. "I think the better question is 'how do we trick Nicole into coming with us?"

All the girls got evil smiles on their faces before getting together to start thinking up plans.

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