Movella's Reviews! I will try to be as polite as possible, but I will tell you the truth. I may be harsh, but I want you to be able to grow as a writer.


3. The Division

"The Division" Is an INCREDIBLE Fantasy book. Something That I would check out from the library, or buy from Barnes and Noble.

"The Division" Is about a girl Named Gwen, Short for Gwendolyn, who is a witch. Gwen, lives around the 1700's, (I am taking a guess) and Is exiled from her town for being a witch, even though she didn't know she was one herself.

I honestly have only one thing to critique you on. And that is that I was confused in the very beginning. I originally thought that the story took place now, and was confused when the characters started discussing a ball, and a price, Though I figured it out quickly. I believe that you should mention the time period somewhere in the blurb.

I believe that the 1st chapter could have been broken up into 2, making it easier to read.


Creativity: 9

Punctuation/ Grammar: 10

Organization: 9

Overall: 9.999

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