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13. Styles

Styles by Jamaican Jellybeans, is about the Styles Twins Harry and Marcell. And how Marcell tries to break away from his Nerd image.

I like this one, a lot. So much so that I have favorited it and become a fan of the author.

Styles is pretty well written, with a few grammar and spelling mistakes scattered throughout. I also noticed some tense changes. I can't seem to figure out if it is in present tense or past.

With the grammar thing, it wasn't much. Just things like "Me and Harry" a few times, when it should be "Harry and I"

I did find this to be a fairly typical Marcell fanfiction. But it already had my interest, considering that I did make a cover for its cover competition.

There is one more thing though. The Blurb. It is always better to have one so people can know what they are about to read, and know if they want to read it at all. It's just a suggestion, you don't have to do it.


Creativity: 7

Punctuation/ Grammar: 7 (For the simple things like "Harry and I"

Organization: 8

Overall: 8

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