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2. Look Alikes

"Look Alikes" is a relatively well written One Direction Fan Fiction. I liked this one. Though I only read the first 3 chapters I got all I needed from it. 

This Fanfiction is about 5 girls who look like One Direction, In a band called New Direction. This story follows the lives of  these 5 girls on their on the x factor and their relationship with the band they are blamed for copying, One Direction.

Look Alikes was well written, though it did have some problems. This is a plot used a lot, though not quite overused.

Several times I was confused by the point of view. I had to scroll several lines up to figure out whose point of view I was reading from.

Another Problem I had was the tense. Ex: Soon we go to the arena and signed in.

It should have been written: Soon we went to the arena and signed in.

Those are the only criticism I have.

Overall I really liked it


Creativity: 6

Punctuation/ Grammar: 8

Organization: 4

Overall: 7

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