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5. Headlines

"Headlines" by Clair_ Is AMAZING!

"Headlines" follows the lives of the world famous band "Multiple Perspective." though the twist and turns of their fame, and how they cope with the lies the press configures for their own success.

This story starts off a little slow, giving background information on the band, which is a good thing, but could have been done better. About half-way through the first chapter I started to see similarities between Multiple Perspective and One Direction. Their managers are both named Paul, and they seem to have the same personalities. Those are just some similarities that I found. 

There were a lot of very large words that the majority of people will not understand and have to look up. Though I am lucky enough to have a very diverse vocabulary, and did not have to do this. I applaud Clair_ for her creative use of words.

Now, it does say in chapter one that it is just an excerpt of the actual story. I personally would like to read the entirety of the book.

I recommend this to people who like One Direction, and to those who don't. I don't know if Multiple Perspective is modeled off of 1D or not. Maybe the fact that I am a Directioner has something to do with it. I LOVE this story, and the plot line. I am honestly, happy to say, that I have no critiques.



Creativity: 9

Punctuation/ Grammar: 10

Organization: 9

Overall: 9

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