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4. Emma Bolt - The Energist

First off. I LOVE this story.

Emma Bolt - The Energist, is a story about a girl with the power to create balls of lightning, just by flicking her wrist. Emma has the power to control these spheres, and has kept it a secret all her life. 

This story is AMAZING! I found nothing that I could critique. I love Raven711's use of words. The way she describes things with such detail is amazing. I was sucked in by the first paragraph. If this was a novel, I would read the entire thing in one night. Even if it meant staying up till 4 am, and I had school in the morning. I have added this to my favorites allready. I am only on the 3rd chapter, but I know that I will find nothing wrong, and that Raven711 will only continue to impress me with her twist and turns in plot of this creative tale.


Creativity: 9

Punctuation/ Grammar: 9.9

Organization: 10

Overall: 9.98

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