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7. Crazy

~~Crazy by Nerd_forever021

Okay, well It was okay. Well I find this idea in a lot of Movellas. Even on Wattpad. I find it overused, especially the bullying. It was written in your own way, but I just think that you could have used an idea that nobody has ever used before. We all know 1D are not going to hurt anyone. They cry because people send them hate and threatening messages.  I don’t mean to be harsh but I just don’t think that it really caught my attention.
Also, I found one mistake that could be fixed. When a person talks, then pauses, and speaks again, you don’t have to put it into another paragraph. That is for if and when another person speaks.

Creativity: 4
Punctuation/ grammar: 7
Origination: 9
Overall: 7
~ Ζοιειsαcοττοnβαll

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