The Tempest Trio

The Perfect Storm. One that will destroy us all.
Only those three have the power to use it.
To Destroy us.
Or Protect us.


1. Tempest Trio

Ages ago, before the dawn of modern civilisation,

There was peace.

This was kept by three people,

The Tempest Trio.


They had the power to create a powerful storm,

The Perfect Storm.


Using the main elements

Fire, Ice and Energy.

The storm could be one of Destruction

or Protection.


However, modern civilisation gave way to new life,

a life without them.

Sensing the need for change,

The Trio gave up their celestial forms

and joined them.


However, during the transition,

they lost all memory of their true lives,

and so, were unable to return,

without the Trio to keep the peace,

The universal energies have fallen out of balance,


A Storm is Brewing,

Lives will be lost,

Truths will be known,

The Trio will be reformed,


The Perfect Storm is on the Horizon.

What will you do?

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