The Tempest Trio

The Perfect Storm. One that will destroy us all.
Only those three have the power to use it.
To Destroy us.
Or Protect us.


2. Pyro

13 Years Ago

It was the middle of the night when the storm ended, it had been raging on and on for days, no one had even dared to step outside their bunkers to see if it was a hoax. But there was no rain, nothing anyone would associate with a normal storm, no. This was a Firestorm.

Nobody knew how it had started, just that it had. Nobody knew the significance of this Storm.

Pyro was coming.

Pyro, The Leader of the Trio, controller of Fire, Animals, Death and Weaponry, was transforming from it's celestial form, a humanoid being of fire coloured plasma, to it's human form. The Storm was because of the exchange, fire and magic, for flesh and blood. It was a painful process, but Pyro did not mind, it was worth it in the end, to become one with this new life, it would be worth the price of Immortality, of it's Power, it would be worth it.

It lasted a week, but the deed was done, Pyro was now Human. And as the storm spiralled away, back into the dark reaches of the forbidden zones of the Universe, leaving, in the former eye of the storm, a baby.

She was healthy, with tan skin, brown hair and when her eyes opened, they were a bright red, almost like they were on fire. She had no name, she never had one, the only noticeable mark on her skin was a mark, on her shoulder blade, the symbol of Pyro.

When the citizens emerged, all but one went about their business; Katy Teknik. A woman who simply hadn't the time for children, or anything that interrupted her work, she, instead of checking her house for damage like the others, walked, calmly and quietly, to the park. It was a rather large park, it was the main feature of the town. It was here that many had found peace with themselves and others, it was here that stressed CEOs entered and came out a kind, loving person. It was here that Katy made a decision which would change her life.

"What am I doing? I don't have time for a walk! Yet... I could use the break..." Her mind made up, Katy entered and strolled to the centre. But instead of finding the Heart Tree, which was directly in the centre of the town, she found Pyro. "Oh My! A baby! It was said that this was the eye of this whole Fireflash. What kind of heartless creature abandons a baby in the middle of a storm?  Never mind. It's alright little one, you're safe now." As Katy walked out of the park, all notions of business being pushed to the side, she swore that no matter what, she would raise this child. "Sera Teknik. sounds just about right doesn't it? My little Spark."

Little did she know that the Universe had intended this, Katy never knew that the baby she was carrying, was a celestial being, that she was the one that caused the death of creatures everywhere, Katy never knew this and neither did Sera.

They never knew what happened to the others.

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