My Poetic Dumping Ground

What I write that's not my novel


2. The Love I've not Met (Yet) [Free Verse]

The time, when I felt this way, I remember not

Maybe it was when You supported me as I wrote

Perhaps when we talked well into the night about what kind of person we’d like to spend our lives with

It could be when I first saw your face, that smile, that gleam in your eyes

At this point, I don’t believe it matters anymore


Young love; it’s a twisted definition these days

Some care not for romance, only the pleasure that comes from it

Many are made from alcohol, and it causes mistakes to be made

Almost all are judged at the very beginning, by the appearance of the person

All except ours, of course


We met over the internet, which society deems as a problem

The distance between us is not practical is what they say

The fact our first interactions through text does not allow for romance is what they preach

The idea that I cannot know who you are without meeting you is what they think

In some way, I believe them


We have made plans to see each other, to relieve our parents of doubts

No longer will they be able to say no

No longer can they say that it can’t work out

No longer can they think that we can’t be together

Because I can wait


Even if they say no, I won’t care, because I’m patient

I’ll wait to see you, whether it’s at a convention or at college

I will show patience, so I can be there, and can hold your hand as we go wherever we please, together

I can sit here until everyone who cannot accept our feelings now, will swallow those words meant to deter

We cannot be stopped, for time is on our side


For now, there’s not much I can do

I can’t be there to hold You tight

I wish I could share a meal with You like a “proper” couple should

I regret that I am unable to give You gifts, hugs, and love that You deserve

But there is one thing I can do


I can write you a poem

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