Wherever You Are

"Go and apologise to Mr Hemmings now!" My mum shouted pushing me out the door.
I walked across the road adjusting my high pony tail and rung on the grumpy old man's doorbell.
"Go get the door Luke!" A voice said inside. 5,4,3,2,1
"Hi, what do you want?" An Australian accent said. I looked up at a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes the shade of the ocean asked me......


2. Luke's side of her

Luke's P.O.V

That Jasey-Rae girl was pure beauty. Her ginger hair fell effortlessly under her pink snap back. I noticed she put her foundation on slightly smudgy but her hazel/grey eyes made up for it, and her pink lips were naturally pouted. She was gorgeous.

Snap out of it Luke you can't think that you're from Australia you'll never see her.

I thought she was annoying when she was singing in the background when Grandad Hemmings was ringing me, but her voice was perfect. Singing my favourite all time low song as well, they must of named the song after her because it's her name. Jasey-Rae.

I let her inside grandad Hemmings house and she immediately got shouted at.

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