Knock Knock

You have heard of the SHGF, right?

SHGF- Special hunters and ghost finders.

There a team of three guys that go from door to door solving the haunted places around town.

But something about this place is different from what they have seen before.

The constant knocking on walls, the small hand prints that stain the windows and mirrors, the loud echo's of screaming that comes for the attic.

It almost seems unreal!!

But the SHGF, is a team that proves all of these things to be false!

This time.... there not so sure......


3. ch -3-

                 We all sat in the dining room for a meal. Hanbyul and Zelo were busy stuffing there faces, I pushed my food around the plate with the cold silver fork that was gripped into my clammy hands.


        My mind wouldn't stop going to the incident that happed just an hour ago, I was trying to think if it was a dream or not. Maybe all of this was a huge dream and I would wake up at my office back home playing chess with Zelo and Hanbyul as we waited for a new ghost story.


    "Are you okay?" Charlotte asked putting a hand on my shoulder, it was like she could sense what was really going on. It sorta felt like I was a book and she just skipped to ending to see who the killer was.


  I nodded my head not wanting to speak, I tend to say a bit to much when it comes to these kind of problems and I hated it.


  "You seem like something is bothering you" Charlotte said her voice kind and gentle.


  I pushed my plate away from me trying to think of a way to make this situation any better. "Im not feeling the best actually, im going to step out for some air" I said.


   "Yes go right ahead" Charlotte said.


  Hanbyul and Zelo watched me as I left, they knew some thing was wrong I can sense it, they also know there is something wrong. They know there is actually something in the house but there to scared to admit it cause this is the first time this has ever happened to them, usually its all fake but this time its all real, nothing planned at all! There is something in that house and I will not stop until it goes away, I will not back down for I am Hansol, leader of SHGF and I am not scared of anything!


  A strange noise made me stop, I felt eyes watching me... from all directions.


   My brain begun to pound against my skull, my knees shook. I hopped down off the steps and looked up.


   In the window stood a girl, blood all over her face, her dress was muddy and full of tears, her hair hung over her shoulders. She was pale in the face.



  "Hansol" I heard in sorta a singing tone, it was whispered and high pitched, it seemed like it was coming from deep inside the woods.


  I shook my head and climbed up the steps "LEAVE ME ALONE!" I yelled "LEAVE THIS PLACE AT ONCE!"


  Things stopped and a cloud passed over the sun causing the light to drain from the earths surface. I gripped the brass door knob and turned it slightly, It did not budge. That some one or something was standing in my way of finding out what was really happening, I was not going to allow this. I Hansol yoonseok will get to the bottom of this, They will never be able to chase me away

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