Knock Knock

You have heard of the SHGF, right?

SHGF- Special hunters and ghost finders.

There a team of three guys that go from door to door solving the haunted places around town.

But something about this place is different from what they have seen before.

The constant knocking on walls, the small hand prints that stain the windows and mirrors, the loud echo's of screaming that comes for the attic.

It almost seems unreal!!

But the SHGF, is a team that proves all of these things to be false!

This time.... there not so sure......


2. ch -2-

  I adjusted the last camera in the living room wile Zelo and Hanbyul where busy putting thermometers in each room.


  ''Charlotte...... does anyone else live in this house?'' I asked hopping off the ladder I was standing on.


  ''no, why?'' she asked


 My eyes widened, it couldn't be... was it really..... no, that shadow was just your eyes playing tricks on you.


  '' Are you okay?'' she asked putting a hand on my arm.


  I looked at her '' oh, yeah i'm fine. ''


  I turned quickly and walked up the stairs.


 Hanbyul and Zelo appeared from a room and I grabbed their shoulders ''Guys there is In fact something in this house''


  Hanbyul looked at me with wide open eyes ''how do you know??''


  ''Before we entered I seen a shadow up in the top window, I can sense that there here..... there everywhere!'' I said


  Zelo looked at me '' what is??'' he asked.


  ''The souls of the girls that where killed in the basement, they are here and they don't know there dead!!'' I yelled.


  Zelo frowned ''I wouldn't predict it just yet Hansol, its only been two hours you cant just say its real, we haven't even hooked up the main camera''


  I nodded feeling a bit doubt ''maybe you're right Zelo, maybe my powers are just being out of control''



  Hanbyul nodded '' it has happened before, at least stay here for one night before we blame it on a real ghost. Remember, we are team SHGF and we solve paranormal problems, we shouldn't be scared of a few little ghosts''


  I smiled slightly ''Yeah, you're right. Now, lets get the main camera hooked up so we can start''


  Zelo and Hanbyul nodded their heads before walking down the stairs.


  I looked around, the house was pretty fancy on the inside, almost like the inside of a castle would look.


  I heard a light tapping sound ad spun around, a green tennis ball bounced down another set of stairs.


  I walked towards them and put my hand on the left side of the rail, I looked up ''hello?''


  nothing happened so I walked up the stairs looking around ''Hello....''


  Every door on this floor was closed besides the one right at the end of the hall. ''Is anyone In here?'' I asked


  As I entered, the temperature felt like it was dropping quickly.


  I kept hearing ringing in my ears and horrible images of dead bodies kept flashing in to my mind.


  The lamp that sat onto a desk on the other side of the room began to turn on and off.


  I slowly started to back away but the door slammed shut, I began to feel pain on my back and arms, I rushed to the door pulling it open, I ran out closing the door, the door began to shake furiously.


 ''STOP!!'' I yelled.


 A few seconds later the door became still and dead silence filled the hallway once again.

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