Never Saw One Like You

Bri is a high school goodie goodie with her friends and her passing classes and good girl act.But when a new guy named Niall comes to school will his words let her change act.But she also has her own secret to keep plus trying to learn Nialls secret will she break under pressure or will their love over power all.


1. First Day

Bri's POV Sitting in the morning Biology class the teachers telling us about the test coming up on Friday and that we'll need partners.



We'll Hi I'm Briana or Bri and this is New Standard H.S(It's Not A Real High School Well I don't know if it is anyway).In this high school there's two groups you have the populars and the not populars and the populars ruled by Taylor and Stephine aka my sworn enemies love to crush me and everyone else who's not popular ever since kindergarten.And then theirs my bestie Bridget she's hilarious and she's always has my back then theirs Ever and Alyssa who's just kind of in the picture with us and hangs out with us all the time and are always their for me.Here in Standard H.S I am what people call a goody two shoes I get the good grades and the president of student counsel and I help teachers with PTA events.... so u get the picture anyways back to class everyone's getting partners and I unfortunately never have one cause I'm the goodie two shoes around here so I get bullied.....a lot. But no one knows what I really am and I plan to keep it tht way.

Taylor:"Oh looks like Briana doesn't have a partner haha just face it no one like u so just do us all a favor and die already"

Ever:Oh shut up Taylor u just mad cause she's smarter and way more pretty than you'll ever be with all the clown make up you have and I'm her partner on this.

Taylor:oh look the rabbit just crawled out of her hole you should go back in before u get hurt haha.

The class bursts out laughing.The bell rings and it's time for lunch but before the class started to leave the principal comes in.

Mrs Lawrence:Class this is the new student Niall Horan who would like to show him around

All the girls in the room went up and everyone is screaming....."what's their problem" I rolled my eyes and just sat in the back and stared at everyone begging to be picked.

Mrs Lawrence:What about you Bri would you like to show mr Horan around....shes one of our best students here at NSHS!

Mentally face palms myself

Me:Sure Mrs Lawrence I'll show him around

I sighed softly and grabbed my things for lunch earning a death glare from Taylor an her minions this was gonna be a long day for me.

Me:Hi I'm Briana nice to meet you.

Niall:The pleasure is all mine so where should we start

As am showing Niall around I see that he's not paying any attention to my face so I follow his eyes and I see his looking at my outfit

Me:why are you staring at me like that? I asked puzzled

Niall:Your outfit is so......goody goody but you don't look goody goody at all what that all about

Me:we'll I can't tell my mom I don't want to wear them cause she's just gonna ignore me and buy them anyway so why not just wear the clothes cause it defines me a goody goody smart person.

Niall's POV

Wow Bri's GORGEOUS but she's doesn't let anyone see it she covers her face with the hat and the sweater she's wear but she's so pretty and insecure about it but somethings really familiar about her I just can't put my finger on it

When she stops talking we're in the cafeteria and when I turn around she's already gone to her friends so I just go on the lunch line

Taylor:So I see you've met Briana the BORING she's such a goody goody haha hey you should sit with us we have space.

She says with a smirk

Me:sure I love to just let me grab my lunch

After I grab my lunch I sit down as what they call the popular table and Taylor's going on about the cliches in the school go but when I glance at Briana's table their over their whispering and laughing with each I was wondering what was that about.

Bri's POV

I'm playing with my food and I can't help it but wonder how long it's gonna be before Niall goes with the populars and I turn around to look for him and see he's already at their table and I sigh and turn around Taylor got him already.Im hungry and it's hard for me to concentrate I'm thinking about my birthday that's coming up my dad says that I finally get turned for my 18 birthday and I'm so excited and scared at the same time omg I'm so hype but I have to be cool so my friends don't notice.

*skips to end of the day*

As I'm walking to the doors I hear someone calling my name I swing my hair around to see Niall running up to me I feel my light brown cheeks getting red his blue eyes are so cute I get lost looking in them "Omg did I just say that" so I grab my books out my locker and play it cool.

Me:Oh hey Niall

Niall: hey I was wondering if you wanted to meet the rest of my band you wanna come

Me: Your in a band?

Niall: haha yeah like you didn't know

Cocks my eyebrows at him and shrugs

Me: Um sure but my car outside so you wanna take yours our mines

Niall: Yours so that the paparazzi don't see us

Something clicked in my mind

Me: Ohhh your famous wow I'm slow no wonder every girl in class had their hands up

Niall: You don't know the band called One Direction were like world wide don't listen to music lately do you?

Me: Well no my mom got me this whack phone so now im saving to buy a new one so maybe soon ill be listening to your music

We make our way to my car through the school backdoor where I get to park my cars with the teachers plus im a senior so im get special parking I guess being a goody goody pays off sometime. When I stop at my car Niall jaws Dropped when he saw my yellow Farrari I just giggled at his reaction "yeah your not the only rich one" I say in my head an smirk i uhop in the driver seat and Niall gts in the passenger and I drive out of the parking lot with Niall directing me.

Niall: So you can get a Ferrari but you can't choose what you get to wear?

Me: I only got it this morning cause I passed my drivers test last year and my birthday day is tomorrow

I laughed as Niall just looked at me baffled..Now that I see his face he looks really familiar I wonder why.

Niall's Pov

Ive been thinking about Bri's birthday tomorrow I want to get her something to thank her for today I open the door to our house and all the guys turn and look at us I see Briana tense up a bit, she's adorable when she's nervous did i just say that omg I just met her today calm down Niall!

Me: Hey guys this is my new friend Briana and Bri this is Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis or louie

The Guys: Hi Briana its nice to meet you

Liam: Does she know who we are shes so quiet and still

Bri: Im okay Liam im just surprise I never thought I would ever meet famous people

Harry: Well now you have its a pleasure to meet you my love

I hear a growl come from me but I see Bri look at me I shouldn't of bring her here the guys are not to keen on whether its a friend or a meal for them. I hear Zayn say a curse and walk outside he's hungry and its not safe for her I see Louis and liam leave too so now its just me bri and harry I look at him and he get the signal to leave to before he does something stupid.

Me: Why is everybody leaving they don't like me do they I can tell cause zayn and louie just got up and left

Niall:i look at her and say Bri we have a concert tomorrow night at the stadium I was wondering if you wanna come and see us perform

Bri: Sure id love to plus tomorrows my birthday anyway so yea and tell the guys I said im sorry for bothering them

Me: Well then its the birthday gift from me an the boys see you at the concert tomorrow and here is your ticket an they dont hate you they were just what you call hungry

Bri: well tell them I said bye

As she was walking away I see a blur come at the door and when see opens it Briana scream

Bri:OMG Dad stop doing that I told you I was gonna vist a friend why are you looking for me

Vampire Lord(Kraus):I know but what are you doing here by yourself and in the middle of nowwhere

Me: HI sir I brought her here to meet the boys and invite her to our concert tomorrow for her birthday

Bri Pov

Im waiting  for dad and Niall to finish talking how do they know each other but anyway I see Niall smiling at me when hes done talking to my dad I smile back and yell

ME: See you tomorrow!

NIall: bye

Dad: You ok did they hurt you

Me: no dad Niall was just introducing me to the guys

When we get home mom is at the stove cooking something that smells delicious and I drop my bag next to the chair and set the table

Mom: Hey darling im cooking your dads favorite soup turkey neck extra red *winks*

Me:Mom that smells awesome so how work bite anyone interesting today

Mom: Well I almost bit my boss today.....again but I calmed myself like the yoga guru told me to do in yoga yesterday.

Me: That great mom so guess what tomorrow is

Mom:Um Saint Patricks day


Mom: Umm Christmas

Me: MOM ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! so I was wondering if I could go to this concert with Ever and Bridget and dads gonna be their right dad

Dad: Yes princess i will and honey I was just gonna turn her afterwards and teach her to control her thirst and hunt seeing as she will be 18

Mom: I don't know love don't you think it's a lil early

Dad: Sweetheart you know it has to be on her eighteen... Don't worry *puts his hands around my mom* she's a strong one I feel it kisses her forehead

My parents are so cute

Mom: Well ok but only cause Ever and Bridget will be going with you ok and make sure you go straight with your dad to the temple ok


After dinner which was delicious I upstairs and take a shower and put on my I DONT MONKEY AROUND Pjs I look in my closet and sigh I really need new clothes and shoes I walk back downstair to beg my mom but she already knew what I came to ask

Mom: Your not gonna stop bugging me every year until I let you buy what you want don't you

I nodded slowly

Mom: Well fine since your turning 18 guess its time for you to chose what to wear now so tomorrow after school you and Ever and Bridget can take the family card and get some new clothes for your birthday before the concert

I squealed loudly and hugged her tightly

Me: thank you sooooo much mom I love you muah

I ran upstairs and texted Ever and Bridget about tomorrow they both said yes and I squealed and jumped into bed thinking how cool tomorrow is gonna be.


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