My life sucks and just got worse starting today, August, late Summer came along and also a bunch of flesh eating lunatics. Now I am trying everything to SURVIVE, SAVE, and most importantly stop this... this APOCALYPSE!



I walked outside to see my best friend giving me s bright smile, waiting for me like every morning. Her name is Lily. I walk her Lil for short and because she is short! I knew her throughout high school and she's always been there for me. Lil is unlike me actually. She has long hair beautiful, bright, green eyes and always dresses up like... like she's perfect. "Hey," she said while smiling brightly. "Hi," I smiled back at her kindly. After that we talked a little bit about our school and the bullies, that was until the bus came along and we climbed on. The bus was loud as usual when we got on, and Lily and I went to the back seat "Seat 24." We were quiet for the next 10 minutes but than th bus came to a halt and broke our silence. Everyone knew this stop. It was the stop that Jenna and Megan were at. Oh how I hate those brats. Sometime I wish I could just punch the crap out of them just to let my anger out... like a stress toy. They slugged down the bus aisle and sat right across from us," Seat 23" Just great I said under my breath. Lil also had a look of disappointment on her face. "What up dweebs" said Megan. (one of the bullies). " Where did your outfit from Lily, your moms closet? They started bursting out with laughter hysterically. Lily just looked at the ground furiously. "SHUTUP!" I shouted at them. "No one even likes You!" They said "your just a worthless dweeb." "JUST SHUTUP OK!!!" "Than why don't you come over here and make us?" said Jenna wiping tears away from her face from laughing. The bus came to. Stop again but this time they have arrived at the school. Without thinking, I stood up and slapped Jenna right on in the face. "Why you little- Run I told Lil." We took off running before they could do anything I didn't care anyways I just kept on runny with Lily non-stop until I got to the Women's bathroom and ran in. I ran into the corner and took a breather. Panting I said to Lily, "I think we lost them" I started to than hear a voice at the entrance of the bathroom. "I think we found them." It was Jenna with Megan Both with nasty grins on their faces!



    -Hey guys just wanted to update you next chapter will be called Day 1 and sorry about the cliff hanger and if you want more leave a comment about what you think and don't forget to like and favorite thanks! And Bye!

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