My life sucks and just got worse starting today, August, late Summer came along and also a bunch of flesh eating lunatics. Now I am trying everything to SURVIVE, SAVE, and most importantly stop this... this APOCALYPSE!



I started to shake with fear "Pl-please don't h-hurt us, it w's an accident I didn't mean to hit you!" That was obviously a lie and I didn't think they bought it. They just grinned at us evilly and Megan said, "I'll hold down the short one, you get the sassy one that decided to SLAP you!" "She's gonna wish she didn't!" She said angrily. She started told me, me shaking more than ever "STOP PLEASE, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE-before I could finish she popped me in the mouth. I fell to the ground, ears ringing she punched me hard! I felt blood start to drizzle own my nose I could hear Lily scream "NOOO, Stop it!!!" she started to cry when Megan held her back when she tried to help me. Jenna just laughed evilly at me my vision was getting a little blurry, but I could see Jenna going back to punch me again. Suddenly Jenna wailed out in pain while clenching her stomach. "Owwwww!" "what's wrong?" said Megan nervously. Jenna didn't respond put She threw up for some reason... threw up right me. I was disgusted. Wait second, this is blood! It-its red! I got to warn them that she needs to go to the nurse. I slowly got up and uttered "Jenna?" I heard a low growl come from her I started backing out near the door way Megan letting go of Lily and they followed nervously. I whispered to them, "I'm going to see if she's ok." They both nodded slowly. I stared at Jenna for a second than I started creeping towards her. Half way towards her some weird stench came to my nose. The others must of smelt it also because they made Weird faces. Once I was right behind her I heard another growl form Jenna but this time  even louder than before. This made a chill go down my spine, I was scared to death! But, I was able to utter out "Jenna?" One more time and she turned around slowly. I screamed AHHHHH-but she stopped me by shoving me with unnatural strength, I slammed into the wall my vision was blurry again. I watched in horror as she dived at her poor friend Megan, and took a huge gooey bite from her neck! Lily started to run and I blacked out...



                          -Hey guys I decided to change the name of this chapter and the next one will be called day one so keep in touch and don't forget to like and favorite, and leave a comment on why you think thanks!

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