My life sucks and just got worse starting today, August, late Summer came along and also a bunch of flesh eating lunatics. Now I am trying everything to SURVIVE, SAVE, and most importantly stop this... this APOCALYPSE!


4. Day 1

I woke up a dizzy as crap. I tried to stand up but ended up running in to the wall like an idiot. "How long have I been out?" I said to myself.I couldn't remember anything except for me slapping Jenna in the face than taking off. My vision started to clear and I  looked at my surroundings. "OH MY GOD!" I said a little shaky. I looked to the doorway and saw dark red trail of blood. There was also blood smeared on the wall, windows, and stalls. "Wh-What happened?" I said out loud terrified. I started to clutch my head in pain "OWWW!" I screamed. My head is in excruciating pain! I went to the mirror and looked at my reflection. "Oh s***!" "I look terrible. I also noticed a huge bruise mark and bump left on my fore head. I rubbed it in pain and cleaned my self up with the sink. I than thought it was time to leave this place and I started out the door. "AHHHHHHHH!" I screamed in terror as I saw a dead body on the floor. I immediately recognized whose body that was on the floor. "M-Megan?" There was no point in trying to check if she was alive because she had terrible injuries on her and she had already drawn way to much blood. She also had a disgusting torn up neck! I had no clue who could do such a thing. I studied her wounds and than moved on. I decided to follow the blood trail for some stupid reason. As I walked down the hall I noticed that the bathroom wasn't the only place that had blood all over it.  I also shivered when I saw many other dead students on the floor, covered in dry blood and terrible wounds. I kept on following the trail, only looking at nothing but the trail and when it came to a stop I slowly looked up. I did a quiet scream to notice a police officer armed but dead. "How?" I said to myself wondering how these...I mean whatever did this killed an armed police officer. I looked at the gun he had layer in his lap. "I'm gonna need that if I want to defend myself." I slowly and quickly grabbed the gun that was in his lap. "Not bad." I said studying the gun that I picked up. It was an AA-12 shotgun. I know this because my dad used to work as a Marine and he kept guns like this at home for protection, just in case something ever happened. I heard a moan suddenly and it put chills up my spine. I looked up at the cop. "Officer?" I waited a couple seconds. His eyes fluttered open and he leap at me. "Ahhhhh!" I scream. I pushed his face away as he tried to bite me violently. "Get the hell off me!" I screamed. And with that I pushed him with a lot of force and he finally released making a lot of streaking noises. I started to shake a lot now and I pointed the gun at him. He started to inch toward me."D-don't make me do this!" He obviously didn't listen and kept on inching forward almost near me making grunting noises. "GET AWAY!" I screamed and pulled the trigger. He fell flat on the ground he was definitely dead... again. I was very frightened . I just wanted to go home and forget this ever happened. But, I can't, obviously so I ended scooting in to a corner and started to sob.


        -Hey guys Jiel here sorry for not writing another chapter yesterday I really wasn't up to it so I made a decently long chapter. I hope you guys enjoy and I will try to write the next chapter as soon as possible. plz don't forge to like and favorite! Also don't forget to leave a comment on what you think or if you want more! BYE!!! (next chapter when we reach 10 likes!!!)

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