The decision

17 year old Ashley has a perfect boyfriend named Harry, yes Harry styles and her brother is liam payne. She has the perfect life but what happens when one direction and magcon tour meetup? Will Ashley fall in love with someone else or will harry be hers forever?


1. chapter 1

A/N hi guys I'm just introducing myself and I hope you like the story and whoever she picks I have nothing against either magcon or one direction she just has to choose someone

Ashley's POV

Here we go another fabulous date with Harry styles. Yes I said Harry styles the famous person from one direction yeah he's my boyfriend. Liam's my brother and I'm Ashley. I don't get why Harry eve likes me I'm so average with a petite body with long brownish hair and green eyes. I wasn't pretty I was just normal. Harry is so handsome with his big brown curls and hypnotizing green eyes. We pulled up to a fancy restraunt and got out of the limo. We sat down at a table and the waitress came over and took our orders. Harry began a conversation "you look so beautiful tonight Ashley" "Not so bad yourself styles" I said with a slight grin on my face he laughed and we started talking about the upcoming trip to California. Harry wanted to go meet all the Magcon tour boys but I wanted to go to the beach and shopping "we can do anything you want babe" Harry said " ok well we can go to Magcon Saturday, go to the beach Sunday, and go shopping Monday" I said enthusiastically "perfect" he said while placing a peck on my lips.

A/N hey guysss I know it's kinda short but I'm just getting you to know the Ashley and Harry and see their relationship. Cali is in the next chapter! Love you babes!

~ queen styles

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