It was all too good to be true

Cruz had just got back to school and there he met Sinead. But was it all too good to be true? A little love and romance turned to pure devastation...


2. That day...

                                                                    *CRUZ'S POV*

                    I opened my eyes, embracing the noise and the light. She walked up to me, she looked so beautiful, like an angel. Her beautiful black silky hair feel effortlessly around her face, so perfectly like a waterfall of liquorice, as she untied her hair from PE. As she got closer the only thing I could smell was the scent of her perfume, vanilla. It was amazing, my nose was in heaven, it was almost orgasmic, but that's enough of that. She's perfect but I bet I'm the only one to think that. She slowly looked up at me and waved. I guess she's new here. I must seem new here to but I have been going to school here for years. I hope that some people will remember me. She walked towards me, her hair swaying in the light breeze, it was hard to see with all these tears in my eyes so I wiped them away with the sleeve of my top. I felt my heart pound so fast I thought my ribs would break and my chest would just explode. She knelt down and rested her hand on my knee. OMG she touched my knee it was amazing, I haven't even spoken to her and I already like her! I mean, she seems cool, wearing her Pierce the veil top, skinny black ripped jeans and her black hi-tops. She looked up at me. OMG her eyes, beautiful big, brown and looking at me! She looked at me like she was looking into my soul. Trying to figure me out, find out who I was.

                                                      *SINEAD'S POV*

                   I looked up at him after putting my hand on his knee to comfort him, I could tell he had been crying and I know boys don't cry that much so it must have been something important. I looked into his eyes to try and find out what's wrong, I could tell that from that moment we would be great friends. When I put my hand on his knee it was clear he had been crying because the fabric was a little damp. He looked away and I knew he felt a little awkward having someone whom he didn't know put their hand on his knee. I really wanted to know what was wrong but I didn't know whether to ask or not considering we had not even introduced ourselves yet. He looked back at me, looking back into my eyes, I smiled and introduced my self simply. 
  'Hey, I'm Sinead. I was wondering if you were okay?' I said, smiling to make him feel comfortable.

  'Hey, I'm Cruz, yeah I'm fine, I have just let things get to me recently, It's nothing to worry about' He tried to force a smile.

  'Oh, okay..... I will leave you alone then...' I say kinda upset that he didn't want to talk to me about it, I mean I have no friends yet. 'Nice meeting you and um do you know where the Science block is?'

   'You don't have to go, and I have science next as well, can I see your timetable?' He asked stretching out his arm and opening his hand. I handed him the timetable and he looked through it carefully. 'you have science with me, I will show you' He smiled at me and got up. He helped me off of the ground and started walking, he motioned for me to follow him.

                                         ---------------in class------------------ 

            'Hey, I guess you are my lab partner!' I said excitedly as he was the only other person I knew. The moment I said this, his face lit up, he smiled the half smile boys do when they are happy but don't want to really show it. We sat at the back of the class so that the teacher wouldn't hear us talking. On the way to class we were talking quite a bit. I found out what music he likes, what hobbies he has and what his favourite genre of movie is. He likes Black veil brides, Pierce the veil, Eminem and Evanescence, just like me!!! He's a boxer and plays football. And he likes horror movies, personally I like boys who like horror movies, so if I ever watch a horror movie with a boy, I can pretend I'm scared just so I have an excuse to hug him. Although i don't want to ruin this blossoming friendship by doing anything stupid. We talked all lesson, he is funny and I think he's going to be a really good friend. He told me about what happened with his parents and I also told him a few things about my past but I didn't want to scare him off by telling him that I self harm and that my dad abuses me. I thought I should just leave them out, it's hard enough hiding the scars at the moment and it's only my first day!

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