Mr. and Mrs. Frost

In the story Jack Frost And Elsa from frozen are MARRIED! (IKR!) They are also secret agents that take down people who try to do stuff... bad stuff they also use there powers but what happens when Elsa's sister goes missing? O.o. Find out what happens!


8. Incidents

Chapter six

Elsas POV

We finally stopped running when we couldn't hear screaming anymore. Hadleigh looked up at us and said,

"So what brings you guys back here?" She breathed in deeply as if she where expecting something unusual.

Jack and I looked at each other. I nodded, " We need to find Elsa's sister, Anna, was captured last night at our wedding." Hadleigh looked nervous,

"What do you mean by captured!?" Jack looked very confused. I looked around and noticed that there was a lot more guards then I remembered. I quickly turned my head back to Hadleigh.

"Hadleigh" I said "what's going on?" Hadleigh looked away for awhile not saying anything. I put my hand on her shoulder.

"A couple weeks ago someone took the captain of the training center, Lee Banks, ever since then people have been disappearing left and right, the cooks, the teachers, and most of the training students... no matter how many guards we have bad things happen!" I hugged her and looked at Jack, what where we going to do.

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