Mr. and Mrs. Frost

In the story Jack Frost And Elsa from frozen are MARRIED! (IKR!) They are also secret agents that take down people who try to do stuff... bad stuff they also use there powers but what happens when Elsa's sister goes missing? O.o. Find out what happens!


1. How they met

Chapter One

                                                                     Jacks POV

Jack was standing there on a mission when he saw her. There was a women across from him she was striking but didn't look very comfortable. Jack ran into the building. Two men were standing there holding a man with a gun pointed at Jack, "Tisk, Tisk. Don't play with ice, or it might freeze without warning." Jack said. White snowflakes curled around him. he took out his staff and froze the back doors that they were running to, "But this parties just begun." He said with a devious grin. They started running towards him he froze the ground and they slipped onto their backs. Once they got up they tried to shoot him but he flew around not allowing them to get close to him. He kept shooting blizzards and ice spikes but all they did was slow them down. After one had managed to shoot Jack in the arm the women that was out side ran inside. She kicked the gun out of the mans hand and punched him in the nose she took of her brown wig to reveal beautiful platinum blonde hair that was braided to one side. Ice formed underneath her and she skated around tripping the other men and while they were on the ground she made a column to trap them. As they were both struggling to get up she formed a giant snowball and rolled it at them and they both got knocked out cold. She went to Jack and bandaged his arm with a serious face. Jack had never even met this women and she was already taking care of her. She took out a badge, "Agent Elsa" she gave him the badge as she worked on his arm. Jack was still struck with her beauty, "So um...Hi," He said, "I'm Ja-" She cut him off, "Secret Agent Jackson Overland, I know I was sent out here for your secret backup." Jack didn't honestly understand, "Wait, why would I have secret backup? I mean I don't need back up I can handle things on my own." He tried to sound tough. Agent Elsa looked at him and rolled her eyes, "They said you would say that. Plus it really didn't look like you were handling things very well..." She finished and helped him up. Jack felt his face go red, "I was doing fine by myself." He mumbled. She brought him outside and made him get into a sleek white car, "We're going back to the agency." It was a very long silent ride so Jack decided to break the ice, "You know you can call me Jack for short." She nodded and said, "And you can call me Elsa." She gave him a slight smile and his heart skipped a beat. what was THAT? He thought to himself he had just met this women but he was already head over heals for her.

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