Mr. and Mrs. Frost

In the story Jack Frost And Elsa from frozen are MARRIED! (IKR!) They are also secret agents that take down people who try to do stuff... bad stuff they also use there powers but what happens when Elsa's sister goes missing? O.o. Find out what happens!


6. back to an old home

Chapter five


Elsa's POV

Jack and I stood at the entrance to the agency. I stared blankly into space. Jack motioned me inside the elevator, Queen Elsa of Arrendell the elevators voice rung in my ear. It was WAY louder then usual. I walked out of the elevator to see a girl hitting a machine. She had blonde hair with red streaks here and there she was tan and muscular she also had a bow and a quiver full of arrows. I walked over to her and said,

"What are you doing?" She didn't even respond. Another girl came over she rolled her eyes at the women hunched over the machines. This girl looked much younger,

"Don't mind Amber. She's always like this." She smiled at me, "My name is Hadleigh, Hadleigh Grey." She had auburn hair and toffee skin that glowed she was tall and had strange gold eyes.

I returned her smile, "I'm Elsa." Hadleigh was about to say something when another women came in. She had dark curly hair that bounced around as she walked her eyes were a little bit lighter then her hair and she had tan skin, and was rather tall.

"Amber! You fix the elevator yet?" She said seriously yet laughing at the same time which was really confusing. Amber actually looked up revealing silky golden eyes, "Shut it Savannah, not like you can do any better." Amber returned to the machine. Savannah walked away as someone yelled for her to go back to the training center.

"That was Savannah Garcia. She's in advanced and she's really intelligent." Hadleigh said. She obviously thought highly of her. Jack stumbled out of the elevator with a startled look

"What's up with the elevator!?" Amber shot her head upwards.

"I'm trying okay!!" Jack, Hadleigh, and I walked away and by walk I mean trying to act casual while jogging because I was sure Amber was going to rip off our heads.

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