Demi Lovato - The Last Show

What would you do if Demi said she was done?
Would you cry?


3. What Would You Do?

What would you do as she walked off the stage? Would you stand there and remember all the late nights you spend behind the computer? Remember all the times you wanted to throw your computer out of the window, because live stream was lagging. Would you remember all that?

The times your Heart skipped a beat, when she bursted into laughter while doing a live chat or interview. Would you cry?

Would you cry while remembering all the speeches, she gave before Skycraper?

And all the times she did sit on in the steps, singing ''Fix a heart'' with tears in her eyes.

Would you cry because you realized how far she came, from staying strong, to being strong? Would you? Or would you sit there silently? smilling to yourself and when chucking a bit, because you realize how much you love her, and why?

And as you think about how she would throw ham, on her ceiling because she was bored. And dyed her hair red without anyone knowing

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