Magcon and One Direction

Maggie is Matt Espinosa's girlfriend, famous youtuber, and is going to England with the whole Magcon family. She is also friends with Becky G and she is going to interview British/Irish singers/bands and she knows a member of one band. Will Maggie leave the Magcon family to join a new one? Read to find out!


4. Meeting in Person🙈🙉🙊

I'm sorry I haven't updated in forever because of School and stuff and I will probably be updated every other day. So keep reading. 📚📖


Maggie's pov: so now I was inside the building or stadium or whatever u what to call it but here we go. We went inside and everybody was near one of the cameras so we were close to shooting this video and I'm nervous cause I've never met anybody famous around the world. I jumped when somebody said 'Hello Love' breaking me from my thoughts. I turned around and saw the one and only Harry Styles.

H: hello nice to met u I'm a huge fan of yours

M: why thank you *blushing*☺️☺️☺️ I'm quite of fan of yours too.

Louis: omg your "itsmaggiemcknight" I can't believe I'm meeting u.

M: I can't believe I'm meeting u your the world famous singer here

Louis: yeah but u meet a lot of fans I don't😔😔

M: Louis, meeting fans is a thing I like to do I mean I'm always in a place with fans in there I can't stop that so I get used to it, I mean u have a lesser chance to met fans because of security guards even still they love u because without their support and love u would be back home with your family not with your new family ' the boys and the crew' okay Louis

Louis: okay that made me feel better

M: thank gosh because that was a fricking lecture

Crew member: places everyone


Maggs: Hello everyone from YouGeneration and I'm here today with the one and only 'One Direction' and today we are going to do play the 7 second challenge.

1D: okay

Maggs: Harry u have to put somebody else's shoes on ready set go

M: 7...6...5...4

H: okay umm Niall here take up your shoes

M: 3...2...1 I'm sorry Harry u didn't get the point you'll get it next time. Okay Liam have u to grab your phone and look up 'Niam' ready set go

M: 7...6...5

Liam: *grabs phone*

M: 4...3...2...

Liam: here u go

M: yeah Liam u got the point yeah for u.


M: okay so that's the end of this video and if u want to see more of is u can go to my channel and watch that video and like this video and subscribe and go watch some music videos of 1D on OneDirectionVevo. May the odds be ever in your favor goodbyeeee!!!

1D: byeeeee


Harry's pov:

Okay now that was done us boys are going out but I been looking at Niall and Maggie and I've seen similarities between the two they both have brown natural hair, Irish accent, and they have the same colour eyes and they smile the same way.

H: hey boys come here except niall please sorry mate I just have to talk to these lads

H: hey don't Niall and Maggie look a lot alike

Z: I was thinking the same thing like they look related maybe it's the girl that Niall is always thinking about

Louis: yeah she acts like niall too maybe Paul or her boyfriend know something I mean her and Paul look like they have a close relationship

Liam: Paullllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!'

P: yeah lads

H: do u know if Maggie and Niall are related or something because they fairly look alike

P: ummmm........

Z: ummmm Paul are u hiding something from us that we should know

P: okay but she told me not to tell but her and Niall are related they are cousins okay u know

A/N- okay so now the other boys know except Niall how do u think he is going to react comment below please what u think and how do u think Maggie will react to Paul telling them? Okay byeeeeee please keep reading, favorite, and like this story please.

Byeeee 👋👋

@O2Llover_1234  To watch this interview go watch it on Youtube and search for the interview of one direction with you generation


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