Magcon and One Direction

Maggie is Matt Espinosa's girlfriend, famous youtuber, and is going to England with the whole Magcon family. She is also friends with Becky G and she is going to interview British/Irish singers/bands and she knows a member of one band. Will Maggie leave the Magcon family to join a new one? Read to find out!


2. Arrived In England

Maggie's point of view:

We just landed in London right now we are on those buggies that security people use, going to luggage claim. I was texting my friend Becky G she was coming to England too, to film her new song Oath with Cher Lloyd and we decided to have girls days while we were here so I was texting when Cameron said "Do it for the Vine and I heard all the other boys saying "I ain't going do it" meanwhile I was laughing. So we got to luggage claim and Matt of course had to help me with me being so small. I was waiting for the other boys because they had like 4 luggages each so 9 boys times 4 luggages equals about 36 luggages and that's just the boys I only have 2 luggages one has all my clothes and the other my shoes and my supplies for hair, and then I have a carry on that has my electronics such as my beats, Mac Pro, and my video camera. Today was the day me and the boys had the day off for both of us and was the only time we see each other until one of ours birthday. Tomorrow was a free day for the boys they were going to stay at the hotel or explore while I'm interviewing 1D, a thing about me is that I'm a fan of 1D but I'm not a huge one. There is one thing you must know about me is that I used to know one of the 1D boys. I am cousins with Niall and i haven't seen him in about 7 or 8 years so i was about 9 or 10 years of age and I used to live in Dublin,Ireland so rather far from Niall but we still visited each other from time to time. Later on I moved to America, North Carolina to be exact. And we never saw each other again

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