Hannah is flying home for the new year of 2000. On the plane she meets a man called James, Meeting James changes her life forever that she thought that she might never get. But could that all change?


14. Wedding Day

I looked in the mirror. I looked what I was wearing, I was wearing a white flowing dress with white flowers in my hands. I peeped through the tent I saw the guests taking their seats. I went back in front of the mirror and looked at my hair. I loved the way my hair looked. My mum came into my tent and said

"Its time"

"Okay" I said.

I suddenly felt nervous and and a bit sick. The piano started playing as I walked up the aisle with my dad at my side. I saw James smiling at me and I smiled back too. When I got to the alter my dad let my arm go. I stood side by side with James and looked into his eyes with love.

"Do you Hannah Jones take James Rose to be your husband?" Asked the vicar.

"I do" I said.

"And do you James Rose take Hannah Jones to be your wife?" Asked the vicar.

"I do" He said.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife, You may now kiss the bride" Said the vicar.

James kissed me then, it was long and lovely. That day was the best day of my life now we would go on our honeymoon on a cruise ship.




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